Makeup Geek Duochrome Eyeshadows Haul & Swatches!

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Hey girls! I quickly wanted to share my Makeup Geek Duochrome Eyeshadows $6! I picked up a few of the pans to try out, I was super intrigued after watching her video talking about her new launch! There are pigments for $12, which I might try out if I like these. The pans themselves look a little boring to be honest, but swatched they come alive! A couple of the colors I feel I’ve seen different brands come out with, but for the price this is a really great option. The pigmentation is good when swatched, and the duochrome is somewhat subdued on these. She did mention that the pigments were much more intense and obvious, but these would be good with a base, and for everyday wear. The colors: Voltage, Rockstar, Karma, Ritsy, Blacklight and Havoc.

Maybelline The Brights Eyeshadow Palette

7 89Hey gals! I wanted to a quick more in depth review on the Maybelline The Brights palette! I picked this up at Target a couple weeks ago in the new-in stand, and for some reason I was really drawn to this! I normally don’t wear a lot of brights, nor do I have tons of bright colors in my collection, so I decided to give this a try. There are a few neutrals in there that you could use, the dark shimmery brown and matte black are actually pretty nice. The white, deep purple, lime green and gold shade left a bit to be desired. Although they are still workable and buildable, there are definitely better bright colored palettes out there. I think Wet N’ Wild has some brighter palettes that they come out every ones in a while! Overall, I still do like this, and when I want to incorporate some color I will be reaching for this! ❤

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip Haul & Swatches

IMG_4370 IMG_4369 IMG_4368IMG_4371
Hey girls! Super exciting review for you, I finally got to try out the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips! I only picked up two to test out and went for the nudes! I got the shades Midi and Trap, which are the 2 original nude shades. When I first got them, I was over the moon! The packaging was super cute and for only $6 each, I was really excited to get into these. Midi is the lightest nude shade which look great on the lips, super opaque and smooth. Trap is an amazing taupe shade, this is definitely a Kylie Jenner type shade, which I am absolutely loving! The texture of these is super thin and SUPER pigmented. You only need one thin layer to achieve a complete look. They are slightly trying like any matte liquid lipstick, but more comfortable then others. I LOVE these, will be getting more!bloglovinicontwitterfbb

Colourpop Lippie Stix Haul & Swatches



L to R: Skimpy, Addict, BFF, Polliwag, Cookie, Pinch, Bound, Brink, and Bichette

Hey girls! I am SUPER excited to bring you my Colourpop Lippie Stix Haul!!!! It finally came in the mail and I am so over the moon the these! I absolutely love all of these colors and formulations, they are such a great value. They are $5 each and come in 7 different finishes, and loads of colors. They are extremely creamy and pigmented, and smell like vanilla! The packaging is really nice and the came in the mail a couple weeks after I ordered them. I always get a really cute note with my orders from them an overall, I HIGHLY recommend these. You can get $5 off your order and free shipping with order over $30. gotta check them out!!



IMG_4320IMG_4321 L to R: Eden and Vanilla


IMG_4317IMG_4318 L to R: Chateau, Spice and Tangerine


IMG_4315 L to R: 7, Black Brown, and Noir


IMG_4311IMG_4312 L to R: Smokey and Natural



LA Colors Mesmerize Palette


LA Colors Gold Rush Palette


LA Colors Desert Dune Palette

Hey gals! Ok, pt. 2 of my Shopmissa $1 makeup haul! First couple things I picked up are the LA Colors Eye Shadow Pots, I did get 2 matte shades because I heard they were pretty good. The shade vanilla I am obsessed with, it’s the perfect shade to use on your brow bone. Next were the Kleancolor Ms. Chick Blushes, and the Kleancolor Paris Escapes 2-in1 Lip & Cheek Balm. I really like the packaging of both of these, super cute, and the Ms. Chick blushes are actually quite pigmented. Next were the LA Colors Auto Eyeliner, Kleancolor Sugar Paint Eyeliner Powder, and Santee Shimmer Jumbo Eye Pencil. I was really surprised by the eyeliner powder, it’s basically a very pigmented eyeshadow that you can use to line your eyes. I really liked using it with a pencil brush! Also the jumbo eye pencil I am really happy with, it’s retractable which is really nice and convenient and the color is a nice shimmery brown, that I like to use as a base! Last were the Santee 3D Diamond Eye Pencil, and the LA Colors 5 Color Metallic Eyeshadow Palettes. These were really nice as well. The palette packaging felt really cheap BUT the shadows themselves performed really well on their own for only being $1! They were very smooth and shimmery, slightly powdery, but I think these would have been even better with a good primer. Overall like everything!

Shopmissa Haul & Swatches! Pt.1



L tp R: Onyx. Glitter Sapphire, Malt, Toffee, Moss, Glitter Copper, Burgundy, and Golden Poppy



L to R: Plum, Cinnamon, Poppy, Sable, Rose



L to R: Beach Resort, Vacation, Relaxation. and Desert Sun

Hey gals! Here is Part 1 of my epic Shopmissa $1 makeup haul!! I’m super excited to be sharing this stuff cause sometime you really don’t need to spend lots of money on an something to have it look great on you. The first section is all my Kleancolor Wet/Dry Baked Eyeshadows that I picked up!! These are amazing domed satin/metallic baked shadows that come in lots of different colors. I’m SUPER happy with these, the swatches above are shown applied wet, but applied over a base or cream shadow, the affect is exactly the same! I’m obsessed with the shades Malt and Toffee, they are a beautiful duochrome. Next are the Kleancolor Spotlight blushes, these come in cute little compacts with a mirror and brush, but I was really impressed by the pigmentation of these. They are a bit powdery, but they almost stain the skin which makes them last a while! Next are the LA Colors Jumbo Eye Pencils, I really like these. I love using these as a base for my eyeshadows, and they work really well with the Kleancolor baked shadows!! Overall super happy with all of these, part 2 coming up next!

Too Faced Everything Nice Holiday 2014 Palette

IMG_0818 IMG_0819IMG_0820IMG_0821IMG_0822IMG_0823IMG_0825

Hey lovelies! ❤ I just got my Too Faced Everything Nice Palette in the mail today! I’m so happy about it since I missed out on the big holiday palette they did last year, and I have to say, this is a real bang for your buck. It comes with a sparkly pink makeup case, 1 mini Better Than Sex Mascara, 3 mini brushes, 20 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, 1 highlighter, and 1 bronzer. This is a mega palette, and if you are planning on traveling anywhere, this would be an end all be all palette to bring with a couple other items. The eyeshadows are pretty good, love the color selection, and of course the bronzer and blushes are gorgeous. You are getting the chocolate soleil bronzer in here so the entire palette smells like chocolate! The little brushes are a nice extra, they could come in handy if you are in a pinch, overall I really like this palette, love the packaging, and can’t wait to use it more! This would make a great gift for the holidays!

Available for $56 at Sephora.

Anastasia Tamanna Palette Review & Swatches!


Hey everyone! ❤ I finally wanted to show you a guys a new eyeshadow palette I have been seriously loving. It’s the Anastasia Tamanna palette $29. It’ s a great value and i love the packaging. Anastasia shadows have been getting a great rep lately due to some of their other palettes, this is in particular really stood out to me. ‘The perfect fall and holiday palette designed in collaboration with makeup artist Tamanna Roashan’ I loved the warmth of the shades and the variety of shimmer and mattes. I especially love the Bengal shade, and the black in the palette is very dark and opaque which I love using as a powder liner. It also comes with a pretty nice dual ended brush, and it’s actually usable! The swatches above are done without primer, so you can see that they’re very pigmented and smooth! Definitely worth checking out for the holidays.

Custom Urban Decay 4 Palette

20140909_193542 copy20140909_193629 copy20140909_193713 copy20140909_193838 copy
Hi everyone! ❤  I wanted to share I new item I put together at Sephora. I’ve walked passed the stall so many times because at first I wasn’t crazy about the packaging, but after a took a closer look, I decided to finally go for it. Urban Decay offers a build your own eyeshadow palette + 1 single shadow (Moonflower) for $18. On sale now for $12. The single shadows are $18, and you can pop them out of the packaging and place them in your palette! Overall, I think this is a really cute idea, I just wished the single shadows weren’t so expensive. They are great quality, and totally worth it, but I wish there were pan version for the palettes that were a bit less expensive. The eyeshadows swatch beautifully and look amazing on the eyes! The shades: YDK, Moonflower, Verve and Lost.

Wet N’ Wild Limited Edition Fall 2014 Collection

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Hi everyone! ❤ I was perusing through the drugstore and stumbled across these beauties!! These are from Wet N’ Wild’s 2014 Limiited Edition Fall Collection, the Color Icon palettes $3.99 and the Megalast Matte Lipsticks $1.99! These are seriously gorgeous, and great quality for the price. I picked up 2 color icon palettes in Melrose at Night and Smoke and Melrose. They are beautiful satin-shimmer shadows that are mauvey neutrals. They are super buttery and creamy. The Megalast Matte Lipstick I believe are a new formula and come in rubberized packaging which I like, they remind me of the Bite lipsticks. These lipsticks are a must have. They are super creamy and pigmented and apply smooth and velvety. My favorite had to be the deep red color!  The lip shades: Sweet Cream, Urban Night and Bordeaux Boulevard. Pick these up NOW!

My Top Summer Essie Nail Picks

20140802_183343 copy 20140802_183405 copy 20140802_183613 copy
Hi everyone! ❤ I wanted to share my top Essie Nail Picks for this summer! I really like Essie Nail Polishes, they are super cute, and have tons of colors. They are always releasing new collections for each season and I absolutely love the names. All of these were released this year except for the glitter shade which came out last Christmas. I found that it was perfect for an accent nail. 🙂 Anyway, here are the colors!: Parka Perfect, Naughty Nautical, Resort Fling, and Hors D’eauves.

Becca Jewel Dust Haul!

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OMG these are gorgeous. I made another *small order with AllCosmeticsWholesale, and after getting one of these beauties in my previous order, I had to have some more in my collection. These are the Becca Jewel Dusts. These are originally a whopping $16.80 each, and for .04 oz of product that is seriously expensive. Luckily, I was able to get them for $8.99 each and 4 of them came in a set which was $12.99. So total I only paid around $5 each for these. They are super sparkly loose pigments with intense sparkle and shine. They can be worn by themselves, or layered on top of other shadows and bases. Here are the shades I got!: Becca Jewel Dust in Feeorin, Luella, Nixie, Erlina, Aspara and Nyx.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette Review

20140720_145954 copy 20140720_150009 copy 20140720_150029 copy 20140720_150036 copy 20140720_150126 copy
Hi everyone! I wanted to review one of my all time favorite product and brand, the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. Hourglass is hands down one of my favorite high end brands. This palette is a collection of 3 of their ambient lighting powders, Iridescent, Dim, and Radiant light, and is free of talc, gluten, fragrance, and nano particles. Amazing! The packaging is gorgeous, super sleek and luxurious feeling. It has a mirror on the inside and the powders themselves are amazing, they are super finely milled and give a soft focus effect on the skin. There is no glitter or shimmer in these, just super soft and magically blurs.