How To Adjust a BB Cream That Is Too Light or Dark For You!

Do you have a BB Cream that is too light or dark for your skin tone? I’ve tested a few ways to battle this myself! Here is what I came up with:

1. Mix Your BB Cream with a Moisturizer – I’ve noticed that if you do this, the color and consistency of the BB Cream will thin out a bit and make it easier to apply a thin layer instead of a concentrated one. So if the color doesn’t match perfectly, this will help adjust better to your skin tone.

2. Mix Your BB Cream with Your Liquid Foundation -This is a sure fire way to help adjust the color of your BB Cream. Mix a drop of your liquid foundation with the BB Cream to darken or lighten the color. The skin benefits of the BB Cream are still there, just the color will match better for your skin tone!

3. Top Off the BB Cream With Your Pressed Powder -I personally use this method the most. Most of the time, my BB Cream oxidize to better match my skin tone throughout the day, but this helps me set the BB Cream, as well as, better match it to my natural skin tone.

4. …Or Do All 3 Steps Above! – If you really want a full coverage/flawless effect, do all three of the steps above!  This will help keep the BB Cream on your face as long as possible, as well as giving your face a full-finished look. I recommend this is you’re going on the night out, or a party!


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