IMG_4320IMG_4321 L to R: Eden and Vanilla


IMG_4317IMG_4318 L to R: Chateau, Spice and Tangerine


IMG_4315 L to R: 7, Black Brown, and Noir


IMG_4311IMG_4312 L to R: Smokey and Natural



LA Colors Mesmerize Palette


LA Colors Gold Rush Palette


LA Colors Desert Dune Palette

Hey gals! Ok, pt. 2 of my Shopmissa $1 makeup haul! First couple things I picked up are the LA Colors Eye Shadow Pots, I did get 2 matte shades because I heard they were pretty good. The shade vanilla I am obsessed with, it’s the perfect shade to use on your brow bone. Next were the Kleancolor Ms. Chick Blushes, and the Kleancolor Paris Escapes 2-in1 Lip & Cheek Balm. I really like the packaging of both of these, super cute, and the Ms. Chick blushes are actually quite pigmented. Next were the LA Colors Auto Eyeliner, Kleancolor Sugar Paint Eyeliner Powder, and Santee Shimmer Jumbo Eye Pencil. I was really surprised by the eyeliner powder, it’s basically a very pigmented eyeshadow that you can use to line your eyes. I really liked using it with a pencil brush! Also the jumbo eye pencil I am really happy with, it’s retractable which is really nice and convenient and the color is a nice shimmery brown, that I like to use as a base! Last were the Santee 3D Diamond Eye Pencil, and the LA Colors 5 Color Metallic Eyeshadow Palettes. These were really nice as well. The palette packaging felt really cheap BUT the shadows themselves performed really well on their own for only being $1! They were very smooth and shimmery, slightly powdery, but I think these would have been even better with a good primer. Overall like everything!



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