Makeup Geek Duochrome Eyeshadows Haul & Swatches!

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Hey girls! I quickly wanted to share my Makeup Geek Duochrome Eyeshadows $6! I picked up a few of the pans to try out, I was super intrigued after watching her video talking about her new launch! There are pigments for $12, which I might try out if I like these. The pans themselves look a little boring to be honest, but swatched they come alive! A couple of the colors I feel I’ve seen different brands come out with, but for the price this is a really great option. The pigmentation is good when swatched, and the duochrome is somewhat subdued on these. She did mention that the pigments were much more intense and obvious, but these would be good with a base, and for everyday wear. The colors: Voltage, Rockstar, Karma, Ritsy, Blacklight and Havoc.

My Morphe Custom Single Eyeshadow Palette!

IMG_4877 IMG_4878 IMG_4881IMG_4885


Hey girls! ❤ I wanted to share my awesome Morphe Single Eyeshadows! The thing about these little eyeshadows that I love, is that you are getting great quality and range for a very reasonable price. These little shadows are $2.29 each and do sometimes go on sale. There is a huge range to choose from, and the pigmentation and quality are great! I was inspired to make a somewhat fall palette, with a mix of warm/cool tones and neutrals and pops of color. These are all the shades I picked out, I also had an extra empty MAC palette laying out so I decided to fill it up! Shipping was fairly quick on both items and nicely packaged. I’m really happy by the way this turned out, I totally recommend checking out this brand!

Colourpop Lippie Stix Haul & Swatches



L to R: Skimpy, Addict, BFF, Polliwag, Cookie, Pinch, Bound, Brink, and Bichette

Hey girls! I am SUPER excited to bring you my Colourpop Lippie Stix Haul!!!! It finally came in the mail and I am so over the moon the these! I absolutely love all of these colors and formulations, they are such a great value. They are $5 each and come in 7 different finishes, and loads of colors. They are extremely creamy and pigmented, and smell like vanilla! The packaging is really nice and the came in the mail a couple weeks after I ordered them. I always get a really cute note with my orders from them an overall, I HIGHLY recommend these. You can get $5 off your order and free shipping with order over $30. gotta check them out!!



IMG_4320IMG_4321 L to R: Eden and Vanilla


IMG_4317IMG_4318 L to R: Chateau, Spice and Tangerine


IMG_4315 L to R: 7, Black Brown, and Noir


IMG_4311IMG_4312 L to R: Smokey and Natural



LA Colors Mesmerize Palette


LA Colors Gold Rush Palette


LA Colors Desert Dune Palette

Hey gals! Ok, pt. 2 of my Shopmissa $1 makeup haul! First couple things I picked up are the LA Colors Eye Shadow Pots, I did get 2 matte shades because I heard they were pretty good. The shade vanilla I am obsessed with, it’s the perfect shade to use on your brow bone. Next were the Kleancolor Ms. Chick Blushes, and the Kleancolor Paris Escapes 2-in1 Lip & Cheek Balm. I really like the packaging of both of these, super cute, and the Ms. Chick blushes are actually quite pigmented. Next were the LA Colors Auto Eyeliner, Kleancolor Sugar Paint Eyeliner Powder, and Santee Shimmer Jumbo Eye Pencil. I was really surprised by the eyeliner powder, it’s basically a very pigmented eyeshadow that you can use to line your eyes. I really liked using it with a pencil brush! Also the jumbo eye pencil I am really happy with, it’s retractable which is really nice and convenient and the color is a nice shimmery brown, that I like to use as a base! Last were the Santee 3D Diamond Eye Pencil, and the LA Colors 5 Color Metallic Eyeshadow Palettes. These were really nice as well. The palette packaging felt really cheap BUT the shadows themselves performed really well on their own for only being $1! They were very smooth and shimmery, slightly powdery, but I think these would have been even better with a good primer. Overall like everything!

Shopmissa Haul & Swatches! Pt.1



L tp R: Onyx. Glitter Sapphire, Malt, Toffee, Moss, Glitter Copper, Burgundy, and Golden Poppy



L to R: Plum, Cinnamon, Poppy, Sable, Rose



L to R: Beach Resort, Vacation, Relaxation. and Desert Sun

Hey gals! Here is Part 1 of my epic Shopmissa $1 makeup haul!! I’m super excited to be sharing this stuff cause sometime you really don’t need to spend lots of money on an something to have it look great on you. The first section is all my Kleancolor Wet/Dry Baked Eyeshadows that I picked up!! These are amazing domed satin/metallic baked shadows that come in lots of different colors. I’m SUPER happy with these, the swatches above are shown applied wet, but applied over a base or cream shadow, the affect is exactly the same! I’m obsessed with the shades Malt and Toffee, they are a beautiful duochrome. Next are the Kleancolor Spotlight blushes, these come in cute little compacts with a mirror and brush, but I was really impressed by the pigmentation of these. They are a bit powdery, but they almost stain the skin which makes them last a while! Next are the LA Colors Jumbo Eye Pencils, I really like these. I love using these as a base for my eyeshadows, and they work really well with the Kleancolor baked shadows!! Overall super happy with all of these, part 2 coming up next!

New Drugstore Mascara Haul!

IMG_4256 IMG_4258 IMG_4260 IMG_4261

Hey everyone! I’d been wanting to try out some new mascaras from the drugstore since the ones I’ve been using are almost died out! I decided to go with the Rimmel Argan Oil Wonderlash Waterproof Mascara, Covergirl The Supersizer Mascara, and the Loreal Miss Manga Rock Mascara. All of these had great reviews so far and I wanted to test them out myself. The Rimmel Argan Oil Wonderlash Mascara I was immediately drawn to because of the packaging, and also the promise of nourished lashes. It has a gel-like formula and a nice silicone brush with feathery bristles. The effect is very nice fluttery looking lashes, definitely not drying. Loreal Miss Manga Rock Mascara has a very narrow silicone wand with tiny, tiny bristles, slightly longer on one end. This allowed the brush to give high impact coverage and separation. I would say because with this one, because it has the potential to be a clumper. The Covergirl Supersizer was a surprising find, it has a very narrow wand with small bristles, but the formula allows you to get great definition and length. I find is awesome for bottom lashes and also for nice volumized top lashes. Overall, I recommend all of these, but the Covergirl was definitely my favorite!


Custom Urban Decay 4 Palette

20140909_193542 copy20140909_193629 copy20140909_193713 copy20140909_193838 copy
Hi everyone! ❤  I wanted to share I new item I put together at Sephora. I’ve walked passed the stall so many times because at first I wasn’t crazy about the packaging, but after a took a closer look, I decided to finally go for it. Urban Decay offers a build your own eyeshadow palette + 1 single shadow (Moonflower) for $18. On sale now for $12. The single shadows are $18, and you can pop them out of the packaging and place them in your palette! Overall, I think this is a really cute idea, I just wished the single shadows weren’t so expensive. They are great quality, and totally worth it, but I wish there were pan version for the palettes that were a bit less expensive. The eyeshadows swatch beautifully and look amazing on the eyes! The shades: YDK, Moonflower, Verve and Lost.

Coastal Scents Brush Haul and Giveaway! <3

20140806_195203 copy 20140806_195334 copy 20140806_195505 copy20140806_1954188-copy20140806_1954481-copy 20140806_195353 copy 20140806_195514 copy 20140806_195751 copyOk! I’m super excited about this post, I finally got my Coastal Scents brushes in the mail and I am super happy! They were having a brush sale and I jumped on the band wagon after debating whether or not to try them for a year! I got mostly face brushes this time, and I was really pleased with the quality. The handles are nice and weighty, and the ferrule is a shiny silver metal. The bristles are super soft, dense, and they work really well! I’m really impressed with these brushes, and they have replaced my other brushes quickly!  The brushes: Classic Buffer Small Synthetic, Classic Round Duo Fiber Synthetic, Classic Angled Kabuki Stick Synthetic, Classic Buffer Large Synthetic, Bionic Flat Top Buffer, Classic Blush Angle Large Synthetic, and the Classic Large Tapered Powder Synthetic.

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HUGE Asian Beauty Haul!!

20140730_190647 copy 20140730_191004 copy 20140730_191042 copy 20140730_191455 copy 20140730_191607 copy 20140730_191655 copy 20140730_191800 copy 20140730_191838 copy 20140730_191920 copy 20140730_192023 copy 20140730_192100 copy
Holy bejezus, I finally got the last bits from my huge Asian beauty haul from Ebay! I’m a huge fan of trying new things, especially from Asia. All of these products are Korean (woot homeland), and I was super excited to tear into them! They were really inexpensive since I found great deals browsing Ebay, and I was able to pick up a lot of different shades. I really loved all the products, I can see myself using them all the time! The 6 “cream” blushes from 3 Concept Eyes were super nice, they are actually for the lips, and are super glossy and pigmented. I’m absolutely in love with STYLENANDA so it was a must try! The least exciting products had to the 2 cheek stains, only because they had a strong powdery scent, which I don’t like! What I got: 3CE Cream Blushes,  3CE Waterful Concealer, 3CE Lip Colors, 3CE Eyebrow Mascara, Etude House Etoinette Lipsticks, Y-CID Cream Blushes, and a TonTon Lipstick.

My Little Sephora haul! <3

20140723_200919 copy 20140723_200931 copy 20140723_200959 copy 20140723_201141 copy 20140723_201227 copy 20140723_201259 copy 20140723_201503 copy20140723_200852 copy

20140723_201809 copy

20140723_201638 copy20140723_201706 copy20140723_201720 copy20140723_201748 copy

(Sorry for the lighting, I was using my crappy camera at night) Woo! I got Sephora order in the mail! I decided to take a peek into the sale page and saw a few goodies that looked worthy of a try! Sephora brand makeup has been one of those things where I do occasionally find a great item! I do actually like most of the in house products and brushes so I decided to give some palettes a try. The Too Faced Mascara and Melted Lip Lacquer I got with my points! Yay! ❤ I got the Sephora It Palette in Color Spectrum $19 and the Sephora Moon Baked Eyeshadow Palette in In The Tropics $15. The moon baked palette was really shimmery/glittery but performed well when applied wet or with a base. The It palettes I really like, it comes with 12 eyeshadows, a dual brush and an eyeliner. The shadows are smooth and pigmented and I really like the fabric chevron case!

Forever 21 Nail Polish Haul

20140713_163742 copy copy20140713_170805 copy20140713_163838 copy20140713_171622 copyHi everyone! Forever21 was having a 30% off sale and I spotted some nail polishes that were Buy 1 Get 1 Free! They are already pretty affordable $2.80 each, so I decided to pick up a few. I was really drawn to the creamy pastels and the speckled polishes. I got 4 cream shades and 2 speckled shades, the formula of these I actually like. They take about 2 coats to be opaque, but they are really awesome for the price. Have you tried these?

Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Eyeshadow Review

20140712_084927 copy20140712_085042 copy20140712_084947 copy20140712_085239 copyHi everyone! I recently hauled these awesome new Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Eyeshadows from Sephora the other week. They are seriously gorgeous and good for your skin! ‘An innovative, bi-phase, liquid eye shadow formulated with coconut water for more hydrated, healthier-looking lids.’  They are little glass vials with a combo of pigments and liquids that you shake when you apply. You can wear these sheer built up. You do have to wait for them to set on the lids before you do anything or they will crease. They last a really long time and can wear them as a base. Really love these for everyday, and love that they condition the skin!

Mini Sephora Haul: Marc Jacobs & Nars

20140708_203710 copy 20140708_203751 copy 20140708_203802 copy 20140708_203815 copy 20140708_203830 20140708_204030 copyHi everyone! I decided to stop by my nearest Sephora to pick up a little goodie! I had some points to spend, so I got a mini Nars Lip Gloss in Orgasm! It was super cute and the color looked gorgeous. I had never tried the Nars lip gloss so I thought it was a great opportunity, it was not sticky and slightly metallic. I was immediately drawn to the Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con Eyeshadow Palette No. 3 in 1110 The Shoe Gazer, very pretty and reminded me of summer. The quality is really nice, smooth buttery and pigmented, and oh, the packaging. I absolutely Marc Jacobs products, and they don’t skimp of presentation. Totally recommend!