My Revlon Super Lustrous Creme Lipstick Collection!

Oh, my ever growing lipstick drawer. I try to be careful not to over fill it since I can only fit so many!! Sadly, some of them are starting to appear on my bathroom vanity since I’ve been getting some new colors. -_-; I’ve really been impressed by some of the new Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks, and wanted to show you the ones I have and love!

L to R: Peach Me, Pink in the Afternoon, Primrose, Wink for Pink, and Demure

Here are the 5 Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks I have, I really try and choose carefully since I don’t want to buy anything that I know I won’t use! Most of these are in the pink or peach family, but some do go more nude or coraly which I love as well! (I know I’ll be getting some more in the future so stay tuned lol) These are all creme lipsticks, which are my absolute favorite, and they feel very nice, pigmented, and moisturizing.

Here’s the bottom of the lipsticks so you can see the numbers and names! The first one “Peach Me” I think is an older one, but the rest are all available now at any drugstore!

I like the packaging of these lipsticks, it looks classic with the gold and black, and the tops of the lids are clear so you can see into the top of the lipstick to check the color.

Swacthes: Peach Me, Pink in the Afternoon, Primrose, Wink for Pink, and Demure

Aaaalsooo, the newest addition to my Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Collection is this one in Coralberry! It’s another creme, of course, and it is the most amazing vibrant coral-pink color! I had to get this one my way back from my work out, so glad I did!

Here’s a close up of the bullet, it’s definitely much brighter than the other ones I have, and I think it gives my face more life, especially on nice sunny days! I absolutely love this color, have been wearing it all day! 🙂

Swatch: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Coralberry

Another thing I got was this clear glass “cup” to put my extra lipsticks in to better organize by bathroom vanity a bit since my regular makeup storage is over flowing a bit!! It’s a nice small size and will do in terms of holding my extra lipsticks! 🙂

P.S. Anyone who is interested in makeup storage, I have six of these 3 drawer clear cube drawers from the Container Store! :

What do you think?!


  1. if only Revlon lipsticks are cheaper in my shores ($10-$12), i’d hoard the heck out of it! 😛 but eBay is my savior with its lower prices! 🙂

  2. nice post! i got the RED LIPSTICK OF This revlon super lustrous line..i forgot the name, and i loved how it is so moisturizing…i hate matte lipsticks!^^
    anyway all 5 cols you chose r beautiful.ill check those out after work.
    though where i live, revlon lipsticks are its more expensive than U.S. anywayz! beautiful shades you got!

    1. Thanks!! I wish I could pull off red, still haven’t found the right shade! Good luck with your lipstick hunt, let me know which ones you end up getting! 🙂

  3. Is coral berry too “in your face orange”? Because I’ve seen lighter and brighter swatches and its difficult to decipher! Also, I hope you don’t min me asking, what undertone do you have? Cool or warm? Because I want to get pink in the afternoon but I am unsure how it will look withy skin tone! Thanks!

    1. Hi! Its not too orange but definitely a warm coral shade. I am medium toned Asian skintone. I love Pink in the Afternoon, one of my fav shades from Revlon!

  4. Do the revlon creme lipsticks contains shimmer or sparkle? Or are they just moisturizing forms of matte lipsticks? I am so confused with their 4 lipstick finishes: shimmer, pearl, creme, & matte!! Would anyone care to explain their differences to me?? 🙂

    1. Pearl and shimmer have a bit of sparkle or a pearlescent finish. Creme and matte do not have shimmer. These Revlon lipsticks are nicely moisturizing overall, but mattes do tend to be a bit less moisturizing than others!

  5. I love these colors! I am looking for new lipstick that are suitable for my skintone. Your skin tone is the same as mine so I can tell that these colors would look great on me too!

  6. I’ve been wanting Pink in the Afternoon, but everytime it’s on sale they’re sold out. Revlon lipsticks generally cost $8-10, but if I can catch it on sale I can get it for half that. I know just as soon as I buy it at full price I’ll find it on sale and be kicking myself. I own Wink for Pink, and in your swatch this looks similar to Pink in the Afternoon. Should I still try to get Pink in the Afternoon?

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