Forever21 Love & Beauty Makeup Haul!

When you think of Forever21, you usually think of cheap accessories, trendy fashions, and on the go everything else. However, they do sell some VERY cheap beauty items, that are surprisingly cruelty free and not tested on animals! I was on my way back from the gym/swimming, and I realized I didn’t have any makeup with me to put on afterwards! I never want to bring my expensive makeup around to the gym, so I thought why not check out Forever21. I stopped by and picked up these little beauties.

My jaw almost dropped when I saw the price tags, SO cheap in comparison to even drugstore brands. Although Forever21 isn’t really known for their beauty items, I decided to give them a chance. I bought some things a loooong time ago and I don’t remember them being super.

This is the Eyeshadow Block by Forever21, it has a muted champagne, a chocolatey brown, shimmery taupe, and a matte black shade. I thought this was a perfect on the go little palette for me to have when I’m working out, especially the shimmery shade, and the matte black! The dark brown and black have the best staying power on the skin, I intend to use the matte black shade as a liner, and dark brown for brows, when I’m on the go.

The blushes were initially the things that drew me in. They looks SO gorgeous in the pan, and so cute and dainty! I love the peachy and pink shades as they are perfect for on to go application. Even if I don’t have a makeup brush around, I can use my fingers to apply them to my cheeks! I absolutely love these colors. They look VERY pretty when applied, very surprised!!

This is the eyeliner in dark brown by Forever21, it’s a med/dark chocolatey brown color, with a liquid formula. The brush is fine and long, and can easily draw a nice thin line. The color is a little light for my taste, but I will use it when I’m on the go for a very natural but polished look. I can also top it with the matte black powder if I wanted to deepen the effect. The liner dried pretty quickly, but if you sweat, it will run a little, but stays on fine otherwise. It’s also a very convenient size, and will be perfect for my gym bag.

Swatches: Love & Beauty Dark Brown Liquid Eyeliner, Love & Beauty Blush in Pink & Peach, Love & Beauty Shimmering Eyeshadow Block in Brown/Multi

Applied lightly after the gym, what do you think??



  1. How is staying power? I’ve never ventured into makeup found in Forever 21, or Victoria Secret. I don’t know, I just thought: you’re a clothing/lingerie expert – what do you have to offer in terms of makeup quality? I’d give it a try if it’s good, though! Seems like the price is about the same as E.L.F.

    1. The formulas have definitely gotten better, they used to be worse, but they’ve stepped up their game a bit! I’d say it’s comparable to Elf and some other drugstore products, Victoria’s Secret seems to have a lot of shimmer, but Love & Beauty seems to have a good variety for cheap. I wouldn’t say it’s as good as like Urban Decay, but it’s pretty decent for the price.Try them out, you might enjoy some of them. 🙂

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