Makeup Haul! : Physicians Formula PH Blush & Victoria’s Secret Limited Edition Deluxe Eye Palette

Sorry I was a little bit MIA! Yesterday was my mom’s birthday, so I wanted to focus my whole day on her! 🙂 The other day, I was at Victoria’s Secret and stopped by their beauty section, as I like browsing the new collections they come out with every season. I tried to resist, but has to get the new limited edition Deluxe Eye Palette in Unstoppable since it was 30% off!! Also, I had bought the Physician’s Formula PH Matchmaker Blush a little while ago, but waited to review. I picked this up at CVS for 40% off in the weeks before. Well, here they are!

Both “palettes” are very nice in packaging, and are a little large in size. They are both fun, sexy, sleek, and bulky. The Physicians Formula PH Matchmaker series had launched this sometime earlier this year, and it supposed to react to light and your PH levels to adjust and create your perfect color within 60 seconds. This palette also includes some LED lights in the compact itself so you can use it at night. The Victoria’s Secret Deluxe Eye Palette in Unstoppable immediately stood out. It’s fairly large for an eye palette, and I loved the gorgeous shimmery purple shades.

When I first opened the palettes, I thought, how GORGEOUS! I love the colors, and was shocked on how much product is in the Victoria’s Secret palette. The Physicians Formula blush was a little brighter than expected, but beautiful none the less. There are also little pearls surrounding the blush to give you a but more shimmer if you wanted!

The Victoria’s Secret palette is amazing. The adore the colors, and look how huge it is. lol Most of the colors are shimmery, as most Victoria’s Secret eyeshadows are, the largest pan (the lightest purple) is such an amazing color. I really bought if just for that shade! The design of it reminds me of the Lancome Color Design 5 Shadow Palettes, but again, this is very large in size. The lightest shades are very good in texture and pigmentation, and the middle shades are also pretty good. The bright purple strip in the middle probably has the least pigmentation. The darkest shade feels a bit more like a liner, but is still a wet-powdery consistency. The darkest shades also have the best staying power, and overall, this palette looks great on my warm skin tone!

Swatches: Victoria’s Secret Deluxe Eye Palette in Unstoppable

The Physicians Formula PH Blush was a nice find, they have been coming out with some nice products recently and was intrigued by the whole PH thing. I’m not sure if it actually works, but the color by itself is GORGEOUS. The packaging says it’s in the color “natural”, but it’s actually more of a bright peachy pink color. There close to no shimmer except for the little pearl border, and the formula is very finely milled. There is also a nice little brush that comes with the compact which I actually like! I’m not sure if it’s natural or synthetic, but it feels really soft. The little pearls around the border give a slight shimmer effect, but they wear off really easily on the powder. I think I swiped it a couple times and some of them are already gone! lol Overall, this blush gives an amazing pink flush to my cheeks, a very good purchase!

Swatch: Physicians Formula PH Blush in Natural

After I turn the LED lights on! It’s very pretty and could be useful at night if you need some light. The lights are actually VERY bright, almost blinding. lol There is a little switch by the mirror on the right side that you can use to turn it on or off. Neat idea!

Me wearing all the products, what do you think!?



      1. I love the lights on the mirror, I’ll have to try it at night to see if it actually helps! In the daytime, it is WAY too bright lol

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