All Cosmetics Wholesale Mini Haul!

I wanted to do this quick post on a website I go to every so often called All Cosmetics Wholesale or It’s pretty self explanatory, but it’s a website where you can get individual designer brand or name brand cosmetics for a wholesale price!! I browse the sight every now and then to see if they have anything that catches my eye!! I got all these items, plus another item, for under $20. Here are the little goodies I got! πŸ™‚

This is the Dr. Denese Smart Concealer for Eye and Face in Medium I paid $3.50 for!!!! I always like having little concealers around just in case I need it! I wanted to try some other brands, since I was really liking my Sonia Kashuk and Sheer Cover Concealers! This one has a great lighter shade and a more true to color shade for your concealing needs, I like using the lighter shade under my eyes, and the medium shade on my face! The lighter shade is a bit more emollient than the medium shade for some reason, but it works it terms of staying power on my face, really like this!!

This is the Korres Lengthening/High Definition Pro-Vitamin B5 & Rice Bran Mascara in Black 01, got for $5 lol, I have this in brown and really like it, so I jumped on the opportunity to get a black one!! The brush is really dense and a little smaller than my other volumizing mascara wand, but it really does lengthen and better define my lashes without getting clumpy! The formula is light and lasts a long time, I really like this mascara and will go right into my everyday makeup bag!

This is the Lancome Color Design Creme Lipstick in B-List I got for $4. The name is a little funny lol but the color is gorgeous! It’s a peachy, coraly, nude color, that gives an interesting hint of color of the lips, it’s not your average boring nude color, but does brighten the lips a bit! I really like creme lipsticks, so this was a no brainer for me. Especially because I’m getting all these items so cheap! πŸ™‚

This is the Rocket City Alien Eyes Shadow Trio in No Way Milky Way, I was first introduced to this brand on AllCosmeticsWholesale, because In fact this brand is discontinued and used to be carried in Sephora. These little trios are $1.25 on the website, and quite pack the punch!! I have a couple of these already, as well as a blush and I really like them!! I’m sad no one carries the line anymore!! Anyway, It has a pretty combination of a dark mattte brown, a shimmery milky color, and a shimmery taupe. Perfect for everyday!

Swatches: Dr. Denese Smart Concealer in Medium, Rocket City Alien Eyes Shadow Trio in No Way Milky Way, and Lancome Color Design Lipstick in B-List

I also had ordered the Korres Pressed Eyeshadow in Cypress Green for $5, but unfortunately it broke during shipping!! 😦 I e-mailed the company and am waiting to hear back, will update on their response!

**UPDATE: Customer service updated me that they will be re-shipping another Korres eyeshadow for free. Yay! πŸ˜€

What do you think??

P.S. Do you guys like it when all my posts are visible on my blog or just the most recent one with the other links below, let me know!!!!



    1. thanks! the brown in the trio actually looks better in person. I just don’t use any base for my swatches so sometimes they don’t show true to color!

    1. awesome! definitely check it out! they also have a sister site call and they have some other brands like sugarpill, lip tars, kryolan, micheal todd. lime crime, etc.

  1. I like seeing bits of each post on the main blog page when I visit new blogs, just to be able to browse through it quickly without having 10 huge posts in a row to scroll through. But I tend to check your posts individually anyway as it comes up on my feed so it doesn’t make a difference to me!

  2. Oh, you have literally just bankrupted me…I had to dash straight to that website and although I managed to only spend $40 (including international shipping, sucks to be British!) I forsee much money being spent there in the future!
    Thanks for telling us about it though – great post πŸ™‚

  3. I immediately went to the website as well, and put a couple things in my cart…then paused because I realized that I’m trying to cut back a little…but I will def check them out in the future!

    Have you visited

    I’ve never actually purchased, but they have some good deals too.

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