Cargo Mediterranean Collection Haul!

This is Part 2 of my Dermstore haul since I got the discount for my previous MyGlam bag! I got this and the Claudalie Favorites Set for $25! Which makes this alone around $12. Amazing. I was eyeing this set for a while now, mostly because the bag that it comes with is so gorgeous. It a light blue faux leather makeup bag that looks like a little post card! How cute is that?!

The kit itself comes with 5 items, a full size blush, eyeshadow duo, a waterproof mascara, waterproof eyeliner, and a mini lip gloss. The collection is inspired my the Mediterranean sea, so lots of sun, sand, and exotic touches! I got all this for around $12 was a great deal. I’m already a fan of Cargo products,Β  so I was excited to try these new items!!

Like I said, the bag is SO cute. All of this is prefect for me! It looks like a cute post card from the Mediterranean, with a little poem/note on the front. The zipper detail with the silver dolphin is so cute, it makes me want to go on vacation! I love all the colors and theme of this collection.

Here’s the back of the bag, it’s kind of like a painting scene of the Mediterranean bay. It is so pretty!! πŸ™‚

Ok, so here’s all the stuff that comes in the set:Β 

  • Blush – Mendocino (0.31 oz.)
  • Eye Shadow Duo (0.12 oz.)
  • Better-Than-Waterproof Mascara (0.33 oz.)
  • Swimmables Waterproof Eye Pencil – Teal ( 0.028oz.)
  • Lip Gloss – Morocco (0.105 oz.)

The Mendocino blush is raspberry color with tiny gold reflects. Cargo blushes are incredible as they are very pigmented, smooth, and blends easily on the skin. They are a bit pricey individually, but if you purchase them within a set, it usually equals out to a more affordable price. The color is gorgeous on the skin, I would recommend this for people who have tans or darker skin tones, as that will flatter much more! If you use a light touch it does still look very pretty on lighter skin! The eyeshadow duo is great, it’s a shimmery gold and bronzey brown color. It’s very pigmented, and looks great on the skin, again I think with would be MORE flattering if I were tan -_-;.

This is the Cargo Better Than Waterproof Mascara, it has a great formula and brush, exactly the type I go for usually. It makes my lashes have a bit more volume and definition, and does stay on all day. Overall, a great addition to my mascara family!

This is the Cargo Swimmables Eye Pencil in Teal. It is a GORGEOUS color and glides on smoothly with a lot of pigmentation. This is probably the best waterproof eyeliner I’ve ever used. Once it dries it DOES NOT move on the skin. lol I tried rubbing it on the my several times and there was not a budge. It really amazing, and I like using this on my water line for a nice bright touch of color!

This is the Cargo Lip Gloss in Morocco, it’s a medium berry red color, with some tony shimmers. I really like gloss, at first I thought the shimmers were going to feel grainy, but they are so small that you can’t even feel them on your lips! I’m sad that it’s only a mini size, but I guess it would be prefect for my purse or travel. Overall, really like this!

Swatches: Cargo Blush in Mendocino, Cargo Eyeshadow Duo, Cargo Swimmables Eyeliner in Teal, and Cargo Lip Gloss in Morocco

Me with all the products on, sorry about the hair! Had just gotten out of the shower XD

What do you think??



  1. What an awesome buy! The postcard pouch packaging is too cute! The products look really great too! I especially love that eyeshadow duo! Perfect for some daytime looks! It looks like it could double for a bronzer and highlighter too!

    1. yeah! the set is a great value because the blush alone is usually $26!! The eyeshadow duo is awesome, great pigmentation, and the little tin is cute too! πŸ™‚

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