Top Soft Lips Must Haves!

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Hey everybody! I wanted to share my favorite lip balm essentials, something I use every time I apply makeup. The Clarins Instant Light Perfector is a cult favorite, I really like this product. I love the packaging with the squeezy tube and gold cap. The scent is really pleasant, a light sweet scent. It applies sheer, but can we worn as a gloss as well. The Albeit Nourishing balm from Anthropologie has a nice rose scent and is very moisturizing. It’s slightly tacky but last a bit longer than the Clarins balm. Love the little glass jar and love the ingredients: jojoba seed oil, soybean oil, coconut oil, linalool, citronellol, and aloe. The lip perfector has: shea butter, wild mango, olive tree, rice, licorice and plant perhydrosqualene repair and soften. The items: Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector and Albeit Nourishing Lip Balm.

My All Time Favorite Perfumes

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Hi everyone! I wanted to share my top perfumes at the moment. Perfumes are staples for me, and I don’t switch things up too often. My newest addition is the Jo Malone fragrance, it’s really different from the others, very deep, mysterious and woodsy. The others are very feminine, floral, and fresh. The Miss Dior fragrance is a bit warmer and a little sweeter, and dries down a bit earthy. The ones that I wear most have to be the Chloe perfume and the Chanel Chance. Both are really easy to wear during the day, super fresh and yummy smelling. The Chloe perfume smells like rose, while the Chanel Chance perfume has citrus notes. My most coveted perfume is the Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, only because it makes me feel amazing, and I get the most compliments when wearing it. It has a stronge oriental rose scent, perfect for those shmexy date nights! <3. My Top Perfumes: Chloe Eau de Parfum, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum, Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot Cologne Intense, Chanel Chance Eau de Parfum, and Miss Dior Eau de Parfum.

My LUSH Bath Favorites! <3

lush copyOh LUSH, how I ❤ you! Here is a collection of my all time favorite LUSH products. Lush Phoenix Rising $6.95, LUSH Twilight $6.25, LUSH Yuzu  & Cocoa Bubble Bar $6.25, LUSH Rose Jam Bubble Bar $6.25. My all time favorite has to be the Twilight Bath Bomb and the Yuzu & Cocoa Bubble Bar. Twilight has that Miss Dior type fragrance to it, and Yuzu & Cocoa smells fruity and warm at the same time. They smell scrumptious!

Current Spring Perfume Picks 2014

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Hi everyone!  Here are my current spring perfume picks that I have been rotating through this past month. The Jo Malone French Lime Blossom, Chloe Eau De Parfum, Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb, and L’Occitane Eau De Provence Verbena & Citron. The Chloe perfume has been my all time winner for the past few months actually, and smells like a fresh/chic, modern rose. Great for everyday wear, though I do love more herbaceous scents as well. The L’occitane Verbena & Lemon hits the spot on casual days, and the Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb is great for nights or when going out. Very sultry and sweet. Ah, and of course Jo Malone, I love all her scents! Smells like a fresh, giant field of flowers!

What are your current perfume favs? ❤


Clarins Opalescence Collection Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base in Rose

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A new spring discovery! The Clarins Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base in Rose $37. This is meant to be used underneath foundation to give your skin a luminous glow, which it certainly does. I find this very moisturizing and non-silicone like which I prefer. The color has a very pretty pink opalescent sheen, and leaves my skin dewy and prepped and ready to apply liquid foundation. This does have a most subtle hint of pink, but underneath foundation it’s not noticeable at all. Love how fresh and dewy my skin looks when using this product! Highly recommend this product!

Have you checked out the Clarins Spring 2014 Collection?


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Beauty Haul! <3 Sephora, Mac, Estee Lauder, Clarins & Victoria’s Secret

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Someone made a “mini” haul! I stopped into Sephora and Macy’s and picked up a few things that caught my eye. The Sephora It Eyeshadow Palette in Nude, the new Spring 2014 Clarins Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base in Rose which I absolutely LOVE, the Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick in Impulsive, super rich and creamy, the Anastasia Brow Wiz in Brunette, the MAC Studio Sculpt Lash Mascara, and the Victoria’s Secret Color Drench Intense Lip Gloss in Sensual, very moisturizing and opaque.

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Here is a closer look at the It Palette, very nice neutral shimmery and matte shades, comes with a nice usable dual ended brush and brown eyeliner pencil!


Etsy Shop VirgaBotanicals Review!


Do you LOVE organic/natural skincare like I do?! I’m a total believer in natural products for your skin, but most of the time it’s hard to fine one that really works. This shop Virgabotanicals, is a miracle worker!! “the complete skin-care line based on Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and Western herbalism principles, owned by a Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist.” She is doing a special promo just for you guys! Here is a coupon code for 20% off: HAPPY2013.


She was wonderful enough to send me a little care package, there was the Pumpkin & Carrot Facial Mask, the Pomegranate Rose Supplementing Skin Serum, and a tiny perfume sample of Spice Market Perfume.  “Beauty is truth, truth beauty…” Keats


This is the Pomegranate Roes Supplementing Skin Serum $12.95, it comes in roller ball form, which is really convenient and less messy to apply on the skin. I really like the dark green glass bottle, it feels very natural, and is very portable!


Here are the ingredients, contains: pomegranate seed oil, abyssinian oil. rosehip seed and evening primrose oils, licorice, frankincense and organic rose essential oils, jojoba oil, rosemary oil extract, good qi. Everything sounds SO delicious, and SO amazing for your skin. The Abyssinian oil keep the oil feeling very light, and the rose/licorice scent is so lovely. I absolutely love this product, I apply this after I shower on a clean exfoliated face, it makes my skin radiant, smooth, soft, and hydrated! It REALLY works!


Here it is on my hand, you can barely see it! That’s cause it absorbs into the skin very quickly. It doesn’t feel greasy or heavy at all. It truly is lovely and I have already seen an improvement in my skin’s texture!


Next is the Pumpkin & Carrot Facial Mask $16.95. This is an HG organic skincare product. The full size is a 4oz jar, this was a mini sample she sent me! This smells heavenly, like something I want to eat, kind of like pumpkin milk! lol It is “Rich in vitamins A and E, the golden-orange pumpkin (Nan Gua in Chinese) is also considered a superb detoxifier.”


It comes in powder form which I like, and contains: Pumpkin, ground oats, honey powder, white clay, goat’s milk, carrot seed oil, vitamin E, good qi. I have been using this for the past 3 days and I can’t get enough of it. I use a small amount on my fingertips and mix with a little water in the shower and apply in circular motions on my face. I let it sit for a few minutes then rinse. It really makes my skin soft, smooth, hydrated, exfoliated, and nourished. HIGHLY recommend this product!!!


Here it is on my hand! Love the color and texture of this!


Lastly was this little vial of Spice Market Perfume. The full size of this is $24, and is a “lush, exotic, truly gorgeous and absolutely sensuous. Made to smell like the open-air markets (souks) of the mysterious East, where I lived for several years. Spice Market is a true oriental containing notes of incense, rose, cinnamon and amber.” It’s a little too warm/musky for my taste but it is a really nice, natural smelling perfume.

Visit her shop: Virgagbotanicals

What do you guys think!? 😀

H&M and Forever21 Haul!

I was at H&M today to get some more black leggings and of course there are things that I must get. I also stopped by Forever21 to see if they had anything new in stock. lol Today I was more interested in jewelry! I just started a new job and thought these pieces subtly spruce up an outfit.

These two rings are from Forever21, I really liked the gold and rusty gold tones, and the overall designs. Forever 21 jewelry is rather inexpensive so I didn’t feel too bad getting them. I absolutely LOOOVE these rings, can’t wait to wear them!!

This is the first ring. There are 3 stacks of pounded rusty gold rings that have a swivel feature so they stay together. I really thought that was neat! I wanted to get a smaller size so I could wear it on my pinky. I really like the look of this ring and how simple/modern it is. Love it!

Here are the other rings, I reallyyy liked the smaller gold toned ring. I liked that it was simple but  interesting with the pyramids on the top. I really liked the other one too, but I can see myself wearing these on their own separately depending on what I’m wearing, like these a lot!!

This is what I got from H&M, It’s a set of 3 thin leather bracelets with letter beads on them. I really liked how dainty these were but still really fun. They each say “London”, “Paris” and “New York”. I can see myself wearing these separately and together with casual outfits! It was only $5.95, win!!

Wearing all the bracelet on my wrist, love it!!! 🙂

Here’s the only makeup item I got from Forever 21. It says it is a Bronzer in Light Rose Gold. The packaging reminded me of Topshop packaging, but I went for it because the color!

I really like that these makeup items are not tested on animal, or cruelty free, I really think that is important to support! This was only $3.80, another price win!! lol

This bronzer or blush is gigantic. Really good value for the price!!! I also really like the packaging, it’s sturdy, classic, and laarrggee. lol I really like the matte black and the clear top so you can see the product.

The color is absolutely gorgeous. It’s a light/med rose gold color. kind of a deep pinky peach with tiny gold reflects. It reminds me of the Elizabeth Arden Rose Aurora Collection Bronzer or Nars Orgasm.  You can build up the color for a more vibrant tone, or a light swipe for an amazing sheen. This would looks amazing on tan skin, but looks great none the less!! So glad I picked this up! 🙂

Swatch: Forever21 Bronzer in Light Rose Gold

What do you think!?

Spoiled by Wet N’ Wild Nail Color Polish Haul!

Woo hoo! New nail polish! For some reason, I never get tired of nail polish, I feel like there could be endless combinations of colors, textures, and finishes for them. I was at CVS today, and saw a pretty big rack filled with these Spoiled Nail Polishes, when I looked closer, they were made by Wet N’ Wild! They had so many colors and for only $1.99 each! I had to try them, here are the ones I got! 🙂

This one is called ‘Let’s Get Sushi’, very appropriate for me lol. It’s very pretty bright orangey-coral creme color, it goes on VERY opaque and the formula is pretty great! This is a very typical color that I usually gravitate towards that I never get tired of. So far I’m pretty impressed with these polishes! Amazing for summertime!

This is ‘Paying With Platinum’ and is initially very reminiscent of Chanel Black Pearl or Revlon Black With Envy. It’s a pearly chrome color with greens, blues, purples, and grey. It look very mysterious yet pretty in the bottle! Upon closer inspection, this formula goes on a bit sheerer than expected, you need several coats to get it the deep color you see in the bottle, but still, applied with a couple coats looks unique and gorgeous!

This is ‘Tattle Tale” and is an amazing light baby pink with tiny pearly reflects. This is probably my new favorite baby pink color as it seems to be better in terms of color than any of the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength polishes I’ve gotten! It can be used sheer for a cute sparkly nude nail, or built up for a milky pearly pink. It’s so cute!! Love this one!!

This one is ‘My Silicone Popped’ lol. Not a huge fan of the name, but the color is very nice indeed! Its a medium rosey pink creme color. It looks very flattering on the nails as it looks kind of flesh toned! This would be a great everyday polish and can be versatile for any look that you’re wearing that day.

The applicator is a but different, it pretty wide for a nail polish brush, but makes it easy to apply the polish in one swipe! The bristles are thick and are flattened to give you easy opaque application. You really only need to swipe down your nail once for a good finish! For smaller sized nails like on your pinky, you can turn the brush to it’s side and it’s about the same width as a standard nail polish brush.

Swatches: Let’s Get Sushi, Paying With Platinum, Tattle Tale, and My Silicone Popped Sorry my nails are so short at the moment!! >.<

The new collection below!:

Just picked up ‘Shrimp On a Barbie” and “I’m Baroque”!! 😀

Have you tried these nail polishes??

Milani Baked Blushes & Bronzer!

I love Milani Baked blushes and bronzers. I’ve only had to opportunity to try a few, but I really want to collect a couple more! The packaging is a little bulky, but its because they have a compartment underneath the powder itself for a mirror and mini face brush. I rarely ever use them, but I guess it’s nice to have. The colors and pigmentation on these are gorgeous. You can do a light sweep across the cheek for a hint of color and sheen, or get more dramatic pop of color.

(L to R: Glow, Berry Amore, Luminoso, Rose D’oro) I love the look of these powders, because each one is a little different. The veining in the powder gives subtle depth of color and added highlights. They are very buildable in color, and can also be applied wet. I believe they can be used for any skin tone!

(Swatches L to R: Glow, Luminoso, Berry Amore, Rose D’oro)

My Skincare Picks!

Casewell-Massey Floral Rose Water

I discovered this Casewell-Massey Floral Rose Water when I was venturing into the organic skincare world. I love this toner because it is natural, gently cleans skin, softens, and smells great! Check your local organic market and browse through some sites online to find it. Pour a bit on a cotton round and gently glide it all over your face. There are also great alternative brands, and is great for sensitive skin.

L to R: Estee Lauder Take It Away Total Makeup Remover, Lancome Bi-Facil

There are my TOP two makeup removers, the Estee Lauder Take It Away Total Makeup Remover, and the Lancome Bi-Facil. The Bi-Facil has been around for some time now, and there’s reason why it’s one of the top selling high end makeup removers. It’s very effective, light, and non-greasy. I can use it on my face as well as on my eyes. The Estee Lauder Take It Away Remover is a bit more cream-like, and has a fresh scent. I use this strictly on my eyes for mascara and liner on a q-tip because that’s where I feel it is most effective. It can sting a bit if you put it on a raw area, but this is great for people who have combination to oily skin. I think this also comes in a wipe form.

L to R: Claudalie Bio Grape Water Moisturizing Spray, Boots No. 7 Soft & Soothed Toner for Normal/Dry Skin

Over the years I have grown an affection for Boots No. 7 products because of how great the skincare products really are. For a drugstore brand, this is worth every penny. The Boots No. 7 Soft & Soothed Toner for Normal/Dry skin is good for everyday use to clean off remaining makeup after you wash your face. I use this every morning before I put on my makeup, or if you need a fresh pick me up during the day. It makes my skin fresh, clean, moisturized, and soft. The Claudalie Bio Grape Water Moisturizing Spray is wonderful for on the go freshness. I use this after I shower to lock in moisture on my face, and also as a makeup setting spray. I notice that it gives my skin a slight fresh, dewy glow, and feels amazingly hydrated. Highly recommended.

L to R: EOS Sweet Mint Lip Balm, C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve, Sally Hansen Vita-A Lip Line Smoother

I can’t live without lip balms. The lips are the first place on my skin to get dry instantly. I’ve tried a lot of lip products over the years and these are the ones I get the most use out of. The C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve is a multi-purpose salve to use on your face, knees, elbows, lips, and cuticles. It smells like sweet rose, and feels very emollient. I apply this on my lips at night and also before I apply lipstick if my lips are particularly dry. The EOS Sweet Mint Lip Balm is a great everyday lip balm. I love this scent and I love that it’s a natural product. The balm itself is domed and is a natural waxy yellow color. I feels very smooth and gives your lips a slight tingle. Last but not least, the Sally Hansen Vita-A Lip Line Smoother. I probably use this product the most out of the three. It says it has anti-aging and vitamin-powered properties to rejuvenate and moisten your lips. It certainly does that, I use this every time I use a lipstick, or by itself during the day. It smells a bit like peaches and glides on effortlessly. This is not very long wearing, but I love it none the less!

L to R: Estee Lauder Hydrationist Serum, Swanson’s DMAE Serum, Beauty Solutions Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Serum, Swanson’s Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Serums are kind of a new thing I got into, as I just hit a “Omg I’m a quarter through my life” birthday milestone. Serums serve different purposes depending on the ingredients and it’s potency. The Estee Lauder Hydrationist Serum is a lightweight alternative to your typical moisturizer. It has a clear, jelly-like watery formula that absorbs into your skin quickly. It smells a bit like cucumbers and makes my skin feel soft and hydrated. The Swanson’s Hyaluronic Acid Serum is strictly for locking in moisture on my face. There are many skin products that contain Hyaluronic Acid for this purpose. The Swanson’s brand is natural and fairly inexpensive which is why I initially gravitated towards it. You just need a little drop to pat all over your face. It makes my skin feel plump and very dewy. The DMAE Serum is for skin tightening and firming. I use this sparingly in certain areas where I feel I will see first signs of aging (i.e. under my chin, neck area, around my eye area etc.) The last product is a Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Serum. This is supposed to be an intensive firming treatment for your skin. They say prevention is key, so I said why not. I use this product sparingly on my eye and mouth area.

Olay Active Hydrating Beauty Fluid for Sensitive Skin

The Olay Active Hydrating Beauty Fluid is a light weight, moisturizing, liquidly lotion. It’s fragrance free, non-greasy, and contains aloe & chamomile. I use this alone on my face before makeup to prep the skin, and also mix it with whatever liquid foundation I’m using to give my face a dewy glow. I love this product because it makes my skin feel supple, clean, and smooth. It’s a great all around drugstore product to have around!

Boots No. 7 Protect and Perfect Night Cream

This product I CANNOT live without. It’s the Boots No. 7 Protect and Perfect Night Cream. I discovered this last year after being discouraged from the long search for a prefect department store night cream. I tried some Estee Lauder products and they just felt too heavy, oily, and were heavily scented. This cream is light weight, smells fresh, and keeps my skin feeling hydrated and balanced. I use this in the daytime as well as an alternative moisturizer. I doesn’t feel heavy on my face and absorbs into my skin easily. This is probably my MOST used skincare product I own. I highly recommend this if you have combination skin!

This is the Lancome Tonqiue Control Purifying Toner. It contains little finely milled powder to help mattify the face after cleansing, and control shine. I LOVE this toner because it helps to control oil in my t-zone and keep my face clean. I definitely recommend this for people with oily skin, because of it’s contents and how it works on my face. This can’t find this product at the counter anymore, but it still easy to find on beauty sites or Ebay for a great price. There is a comparable product that Lancome has now called the Tonique Pure Focus Toner which I’m pretty sure is VERY similar. Check out your local Lancome counter or for more info!

Loreal Colour Riche Balms

These are the Loreal Colour Riche Balms which I LOVE!! I know they are heavily compared to the Revlon Lip Butters, but somehow I like this better. I have three colors (L to R: Rose Elixer, Tender Mauve, and Pink Satin) They have an SPF of 15 and come in six different sheer shades. The Balms feel very moisturizing, and have a slight SPF taste, but give your lips a moist, dewy and lightly tinted look. I would best describe them as a tinted gloss balm. Love these, going to get the Caring Coral shade soon!