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Hey girls! I wanted to quickly share with you this awesome comic book called Cat Person that I came across that I am literally obsessed with. The artist is Seo Kim, and it’s a book with all her little drawings from her life, her funny moments with her cat, the internet, boyfriend, and herself. The style is super cute and being a cat person myself, I am absolutely obsessed! I love the drawing style she has, and she also has a Tumblr with some of her other drawings on it! If you love cute, quirky things, I would definitely check out this book! ❤


What’s In My Bag! (Pic Heavy)

A what’s in my bag post! There’s always a fascination of what’s in another person’s bag, makeup bag, shower, or closet. I always like reading posts or watching videos of these kind of things, mostly to get ideas, and I think it’s fun to see what people carry around with them depending on their style and personality! This is my Micheal Kors bag I got last year, it’s the Grayson Large Satchel Luggage, I decided to treat myself since I had saved a little!

It’s a fairly spacious bag, I could put LOTS of stuff in it if I needed to, the quality of the bag is wonderful and I try to keep it as clean as possible! The detailing is really good, and the leather is very soft and durable. The stitching is also very good, and I think this bag will last me a long time.

Here’s all the stuff I carry around with me on a daily basis. Most of the things are quite boring, like tissue paper, gum, etc., but I’ll share the rest in case anyone is interested! 🙂

This is my Burberry Wallet, I got this a couple years ago at Nordstrom as a Christmas gift from my mom! (So nice of her) I’ve kept it in pretty good condition, but since it’s so well made, it was pretty easy to take care of by itself. It’s fairly wide and can fit a lot of things that I need on a daily basis. It has the traditional Burberry checker print, which I like, it’s somewhat classic and goes with everything!

Here’s the inside (hiding my driver’s license ;)) lol It fits a lot of cards and knick knacks on the inside, and the other side has a separate compartment for money etc. I really like this wallet, and I’ve come to really like Burberry and their accessories! I just wish they weren’t SO expensive!! XD

This is my phone, I recently upgraded to the iphone 4, I gave my old iphone3 to my mom, since she had never used a smart phone. I really like the iphone 4, it has great resolution, high speed, and you can really do a lot with it. It’s gotten me out of a lot of tricky situations! lol It also has a camera on both sides so you can take pictures and conference calls, and also record video which is great! The sound is also pretty good, it’s a great investment as it is like a personal computer. My phone case is a Rilakkuma case, it’s really cute and has ears on it, people comment on it all the time. 🙂

This is my BCBG bracelet I got at Macy’s that I recently and fell in love with. They have a lot of colors which come in leather or this jelly texture, each with a cute saying like “sweet”, “tough”, “fierce”, “love”, etc. They were SO cute it was hard to pick one! They were about $20, so they weren’t that bad, but I just love it and it’s worth it to me!

Mine is pink and says “sweet” in gold letters!

I always carry around lip balm because my lips always seem to chap. I really love the Loreal Colour Riche Balm, as I have many of them!! I really like that they have SPF and just a hint of color. The Nivea Balm is a good overall balm to put on my lips, and the Love & Toast Vanilla Chai Lip Balm is the newest addition. It smells heavenly, like vanilla and chai, and makes my lips feel very smooth and hydrated.

I also keep a hand cream or two around since my hands and nail areas can get dry. I LOVE the Cute as Hell Blushing Violet and Quince Hand Lotion, it smells AMAZING. I have backups of this to prove it. The Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream is a new addition, and I love it as well. It has a lighter scent, but has such a great moisturizing formula. It also has quite a bit of product so it’ll last a long time! Love it!!

These are my Juicy Couture Sunglasses, I think the frames are called Country Club 2, and my regular Armani eyeglasses. My eyesight has been getting worse as the years go by -_-; and I needed to get stronger prescription lenses. The frames make me look professional, and fit comfortably on my face. The sunglasses are a but squared, but still give me a great look. The frames itself hide the majority of my eyes and face, so they are a bit big. I love how they fit and feel, so I have no problem with them!

This is my Shiseido Makeup bag, I have all my daily essential makeup in here, that I use everyday. I have a post here on my latest what’s in my makeup bag contents, I hope you enjoy! Things get removed and put in all the time, so it is really slowly ever changing.  There are a few staples that I haven’t changed in a while though!

Here are my other knick-knacks that I carry around in my bag. I recently tried the Colgate wisps, which are like on the go mini tooth brushes, they kind of work, but give you a fresh blast of clean during the day if you need it (heavy lunch etc.). I absolutely LOVE tea, so I need to have some around in case I feel like a cup during the day or night, especially at work! The 5 Cobalt gum I carry around in case I want a quick freshener, the mint is fairly strong and lasts a while. I also carry my passport around in case I need more identification than my driver’s license, which surprisingly people ask often!

My cat chewing on my headphones lol

What do you keep in your bag?!

Tagged!! About Me About You ♡

I was tagged by Pearlessence to do this tag and thought I’d give it a go! I like reading these ‘About Me’ type tags because it gives me some insight into the people I meet! Above is my lovely kitten Luna! 🙂

  1. What’s your favorite type of cuisine? Hmm.. Korean, Japanese, and Mediterranean! Anything authentic and delicious. I love finding those hidden holy grail restaurants around town, or that notorious late night food cart! Also really love pastries, fruits, and sweets.
  2. What is the one beauty brand you absolutely need? HM. This is hard. At the moment Skin79 BB Cream. I think they are slowly taking over my liquid foundations. But, also can’t live without some sort of brown/black eyeliner.
  3. Bold eye or bold lip? Bold eye!! Love eyeliner, mascara, and clean brows!
  4. What’s your favorite outfit like? Casual: black yoga pants, cute v-neck graphic tee, and a grey long sleeve cardigan. lol Dressy: Bold color dress and a great pair of heels.
  5. Why did you start blogging? All things beauty. I wanted to share things I liked, and meet people who do the same! I love talking about things I am passionate about. It’s great to share it with people in the beauty community!
  6. What’s the most adventurous/daring thing you’ve ever done? Swim in the ocean at night! Scary but liberating at the same time! You feel so small!!
  7. What have you always wanted to try? Deep sea scuba diving. I would love to see tropical water environments or ship wrecks/underwater ruins!
  8. What’s your favorite dessert? Lavender Creme Brulee! *drool* 😛 Hands down. The best I had was at a place called Ladurée in France.
  9. Skirts or pants? Skirt usually. Feels more free, but on a daily basis a pair of designer jeans or black yoga pants.
  10. What instruments do you play/would you want to learn to play? I would have loved to learn violin or the viola. I played piano but I’m so rusty!! >.<
  11. Tell me one thing you love about yourself. Don’t be shy! I’m outgoing, nice, and love being creative! I love my family and all my close friends, who I consider family. lol I love learning and I’m not afraid to try something new!
  12. Random Fun Fact: I’m married to a Russian!!

You’re tagged!!! 🙂

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