Ebay Jessup Makeup Brush Set Tom Ford DUPE!

IMG_4359IMG_4358IMG_4360 IMG_4361 IMG_4362Hey girls! ❤ I wanted to share with you my brand new brush set that I got off EBay! These looked really similar to the Tom Ford makeup brush set that I’ve seen around the internet but of course I had no intention of paying $70-100 per brush. 😛 This set was only $23 for all 12 brushes, and they are VERY similar. These are animal hair brushes, so they aren’t vegan unfortunately, but they are incredibly soft. The handles are an acrylic material with gold metal, they don’t feel too heavy, but the bristles themselves are amazing. The set came with 5 face brushes, and 7 eye brushes. I’m absolutely happy with these and can’t wait to test them out! They are also flat on the bottom so you cant stand them up on your vanity if you want to! Jessup is a great brush brand found on Ebay with lots of other dupes from Sigma and other brands, I totally recommend checking them out!


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