New Drugstore Mascara Haul!

IMG_4256 IMG_4258 IMG_4260 IMG_4261

Hey everyone! I’d been wanting to try out some new mascaras from the drugstore since the ones I’ve been using are almost died out! I decided to go with the Rimmel Argan Oil Wonderlash Waterproof Mascara, Covergirl The Supersizer Mascara, and the Loreal Miss Manga Rock Mascara. All of these had great reviews so far and I wanted to test them out myself. The Rimmel Argan Oil Wonderlash Mascara I was immediately drawn to because of the packaging, and also the promise of nourished lashes. It has a gel-like formula and a nice silicone brush with feathery bristles. The effect is very nice fluttery looking lashes, definitely not drying. Loreal Miss Manga Rock Mascara has a very narrow silicone wand with tiny, tiny bristles, slightly longer on one end. This allowed the brush to give high impact coverage and separation. I would say because with this one, because it has the potential to be a clumper. The Covergirl Supersizer was a surprising find, it has a very narrow wand with small bristles, but the formula allows you to get great definition and length. I find is awesome for bottom lashes and also for nice volumized top lashes. Overall, I recommend all of these, but the Covergirl was definitely my favorite!



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