How to pull off dark lipstick


Hey gals! ❤ So I’m sure you’ve seen the dark lipstick trend going around during the fall/winter seasons, and it can definitely be a little daunting when you’re a nude lipstick girl like me. I’m absolutely loving the dark lip look especially for this time of year. Here are some quick tips to achieve a flawless dark lip look:

1. Invest in a lip pencil. A lip pencil will allow you to get that precise line, as well as a primed base for your lipstick.Your look will last longer!

2. Get color matched. Not all shades are the same, and different colors look better on different skin tones! Different finishes achieve different looks as well.

3. Set your lips. Take a small fluffy brush and pat some translucent setting powder around your lips to prevent bleeding and feathering!

4. Lastly, carry around your lip shade with you in your purse for touch ups on the go! In case you are out drinking, eating or kissing! 😉

What are you current favorite dark lip shades? X



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