YSL Rouge Volupte: My First Luxury Lipstick Story

Hey girls, this is a sentimental post for me, and of course it’s on lipstick. This lipstick in fact is the YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in Shade 1 Nude Beige. This was the first high end lipstick I had ever bought almost 6 years ago! (whew!) At the time I was just finishing college so I was broke, dating, and getting by trying to find a job. The stock market had just crashed, so the job market was not great and I found myself by myself a lot. I decided to get out of the rut and found myself in the nearest department store and saw this gorgeous gold tube that was this lipstick. I had never seen a more beautiful tube, and my love of makeup was born. I almost fainted at the $35 price tag and felt guilty for a long time after purchasing it. I started using it and immediately felt the difference in quality and saw what the shade did for my face. The way I felt every time I pulled out that lipstick meant more to me than anything. I still have it to this day and cherish it because it brings back so many memories, and how beautiful/confident it made me feel. Nowadays I’m able to treat myself more and do things that I want to do. This little tube will forever be a reminder to me how such a small thing can change my world. X

What’s your first luxury lipstick story? 😉


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