Decorating a Hair and Beauty Salon – The Do’s and Don’ts

The hair and beauty industry has one major purpose – to leave their clients looking and feeling good. The decisions you make when decorating your beauty salon will determine how good your premises and hence your business looks to your clients. You only get one chance to make a first impression – around 7 seconds I believe – so you’d better make it count.


Everything in and around your beauty salon – from the floor to the ceiling, from the mirrors to the chairs say something about who you are and what your business stands for. The beauty salon business is all about style so you’d better make sure that your salon oozes in style to set the tone your clients can expect from their visit.

Pick a Theme – the theme you choose should reflect the mission statement of your salon. It should echo the location, the market and your target audience. If your beauty salon is in Los Angeles then by all means go for a Hollywood theme. This may not be quite so successful if your beauty salon is in New York. You should paint your salon in colors which really help to capture your chosen theme – many salons with day spas find that earthy, neutral colors create the perfect ambiance for their needs. Predominantly white salons, on the other hand are better if you are promoting a new-wave / high tech sort of theme.

Choose a Style – this again should echo the demographics of the area. If your salon is in an up-market area then you will probably benefit from choosing marble counters and crystal chandeliers, if your salon is in the historic part of town you may be better off choosing cherry wood and wrought iron, if your salon is aiming at a male clientele choose sturdy leather chairs, stainless steel and chrome. If you are hoping to attract families with children don’t be afraid to choose bright, primary colors in your décor.


Be Bold – bright colors, enormous mirrors and statement lighting can all help to create an exciting, vibrant environment which will make your customers feel good before you’ve even started to work your magic. Large mirrors can help to create space and light, a strictly monochrome theme can be uplifted by the dramatic addition of a red couch or a few strategically placed over-sized vases with dried arrangements.

Avoid Clutter – clutter doesn’t compute as “busy” in the minds of your clients, it computes as “disorganized” and nobody wants to trust their beauty or hair needs with a disorganized person. Clean lines and clear, uncluttered and organized spaces help to evoke feelings of efficiency and tranquility. Have a small collection of magazines available for your clients but do replace and renew them regularly – you really don’t want a pile of ten year old, well thumbed magazines littering the place. It will only tell your clients that you and your business are out of touch with the latest fashions and crazes.

Keep up to Date – unless you have chosen a specific 1950’s theme for your beauty salon then give retro salon furniture a wide berth. It doesn’t say stylish, it says old fashioned and nobody wants to leave their hair and beauty needs to someone who is clearly out of touch with the modern world. Make sure that your poster displays show only modern styles – update them regularly to create the best impression for your clients.


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