We’ve all heard the things that our boyfriends secretly hate on us, but we love: Peplums, harem pants, Jeffrey Campbell, and anything neon. Of course worn in the right way, any piece of clothing or accessory can be flattering. Here’s a list of fashion trends with boy approval!

Statement Sweatshirts

“At least they show a girl has a sense of humor (and confidence—because objectively they’re not remotely attractive, so it takes balls to wear one).” – Charlie, Creative Executive

High-Waisted  Skinny Jeans

“They accentuate the figure and make your booty look awesome. They’re tight which is nice, and still jeans, so that’s normal.”- Tom, Grad Student

Oversized Sweaters

“I find them to be sexy because they give off a very casual and approachable vibe.” – Joe, Sales Manager

Wide-Brimmed Fedoras

“My girlfriend recently bought one and it looks retro cool. I’m a fan.” – Brennan, Bartender

Fitted Leather Jacket

“I like women to have a bit of a tough look that says they can handle themselves. It gives girls a sexy attitude.”

Tall Boots

“Boot can accentuate a women’s legs, which is a good thing. Super sexy.”

Men’s Button Downs

“Since they aren’t meant for breasts you can sometimes catch tantalizing glimpses of skin in the spaces between the buttons.” –Eli, Writer/Producer

Source: WhoWhatWear BeautyRiot



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