Makeup: Save or Splurge?





Hi everyone! ❤ Lately I’ve been finding some great drugstore alternatives to great high ends finds. Dupes are so nice, because most of the time, they perform just as well as the high end products. I seriously love  all the  products, the only one I might reach for the high end alternative is the Dior Addict Lip Glow, but for the $33 price tag, I’m swayed. The Armani Eyes to Kill and the Loreal Infalliable shadow are almost identical, and the two foundation are very comparable. I personally own both and am enjoying them a lot. My drugstore fav: Bourjois Cream Blush, Prestige High Intensity Mascara, Sephora Color Reveal Balm, Loreal Infalliable Eyeshadow, Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation. Would you guys save or splurge?



  1. I do have some items that I’d rather splurge on and some that I’d save on! I usually go for Drugstore Mascara because they perform soooo well and plus mascaras are usually the first to go! Other times, I do like to go for brands that are somewhat in-between!

    1. Me too! Sometimes the higher end items tend to break me out less for some reason if it’s a face product. But I love drugstore eyeliners and mascaras too! 🙂

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