Too Faced Brow Envy Kit Review!

IMG_5510 copy IMG_5513 copyIMG_5509 copyIMG_5511 copyIMG_5512 copy
Ok, this thing is seriously awesome, this is the Too Faced Brow Envy Kit, they’ve repackaged it recently, but this set is amazing. It comes with 2 brow shades, 1 wax, 1 cream highlight, 3 stencils, tweezers, a mini brush and spooli and 1 pencil. I love how compact this is, and I get use out of everything, even the stencils! I was actually really surprised, the ‘Girl Next Door’ stencil was perfect for my everyday brow shape. It really makes it easy and you have everything you need to groom and set your brows. The 2 eyebrow shades are really great for my hair color, I mix the two together to get the perfect shade, it is really smooth and goes on nicely. The wax seals the brows and keeps them tamed. Highly recommend for your makeup arsenal!



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