Nars Loves Los Angeles Set

20140802_133433 copy 20140802_133500 copy 20140802_133627 copy 20140802_133833 copy
Hello everyone! ❀ I wanted to do a quick review of the Nars Loves Los Angeles Set that came out last holiday season. I found this on Ebay for $32 (retail $75) and I was immediately drawn to the palette. I loved that you get 4 eyeshadows, a bronzer (Laguna) and blush (Deep Throat), and a couple extra goodies! I saw a little scared to use the blue shade, but it is actually very pretty blended out or used as an accent color on the eye. The lip gloss is Nars Turkish Delight which I was also really excited to try. I really like the quality of this set, the only shades I was concerned with was the light glittery shade and the blue shade. There was some crumbling with the glittery shade, but that was expected since it had so much glitter in it, it was best used with the flat brush patted over your eye, and the blue wasn’t as richly pigmented based on the swatch. However, this make it much more wearable and easily layerable over other shades. It also worked was as a liner! Great little set!



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