Mini Makeup Vanity Tour!

IMG_5518 copyIMG_5517 copy IMG_5516 copy IMG_5515 copy IMG_5514 copy
Hi everyone! ❤ I just re-did/oragnized my vanity area! I’m really happy with it, I usually kept all my makeup in my bathroom, but I decided to create a proper vanity area with my most used/everyday items. The table I was using for storage in the living room, but I felt I could use it a bit better here! I literally didn’t have to buy a thing, I just had to get creative with what I had which is great. The large clear acrylic trays are from the container store, I painted the front of them white so it’s looks a little more seamless. I have a couple candles from Bath & Body Works, and a limited edition brush holder and brush set from Sonia Kashuk, and my Coastal Scents brushes! The jewelry holder I got from TJ Maxx a while ago which I like for just decoration, and the other clear acrylic storage items I found there as well. Overall, I really love how it turned out!



  1. Your table and arrangement is gorgeous! ❤ I currently don't have the space (I do my makeup sitting on the floor with a mirror perched up on some books haha) but once I get my own place hopefully I can create something similar 🙂

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