Top 10 Makeup Regrets!

1. Getting limited edition items. I get really excited when limited edition items come out, and there are some that I actually really love. The down side is, if you run out, you’re out of luck! Also if someone ask you where you got it, you can’t really suggest where to buy it. You can sometimes get lucky and find the item on Ebay or Sale sites, but it really is kind of a hassle to find items one they are gone.

2. Buying bright makeup. I’m a sucker for color, but I’m definitely more of a neutral/natural gal. On a daily basis, I wear neutral makeup. Why I feel inclined to buy that shimmery blue eyeshadow, is beyond me.

3. Buying skincare without researching them. Skincare is a very personal ritual, one product might not work for the next person, so it’s really important to research a new skin care product, and ideally, test it out in store. Read online reviews, and ask for samples in you local Sephora or counter.

4. Buying all the colors in a collection. Sometimes it’s really hard to resist a new makeup collection that comes out and you really want ALL the colors. This is something that I really try to do, I only buy product that I know I will get the most use out of. The colors might be pretty and yes, there might be a time where I use that one color on a special occasion, but more than likely. it will sit in my drawer.

5. Not editing my shopping cart. Online shopping can be really easy to add thing into your cart that you don’t feel super strongly about. Also when you are in a store and throwing things in your bag, it’s important to make a minute and look back on the things you grabbed and ask yourself if you really need that item!

6. Trying something over again and trying to convince yourself it will work different. I do this all the time. I’ll buy a product because I really liked the look of it, I read the review, and for some reason it just didn’t work for me. I keep in in my drawer hoping one day it will work for me. More often than not, it still won’t work. However sad it is, it’s better to let it go!

7. Buying into the hype. Makeup companies and bloggers/youtuberes alike, are constantly hyping certain products for the sake of hyping them. The more to see a product the more likely you are to try it. Just because something is really popular the moment doesn’t mean it’s the best product, or that it will work for you. Do your research and test it before you buy!

8. Buying another item in the same color. I’m obsessed with a shimmery taupey eyeshadow. It’s seriously my go to, but I don’t need 10 different eyeshadows in the same color. Yes, they are from different brands, come in different textures and packaging, but on the eye, they look exactly the same.

9. Not keeping a budget. I’m the type of person that likes to spend on beauty products. Other people might buy shoes, or handbags, I’m in love with beauty. Keeping a budget and keeping track of how much I spend really helps me gauge if I am spending too much!

10. Getting TOO into makeup. Makeup is a lot of things for me, but it is not my life. Makeup is a hobby, something I can express my creativity, a way to relax, and something that makes me feel beautiful. Real life is going out there and doing what you love and making every moment count.

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