It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette

20140801_170450 copy 20140801_170459 copy 20140801_170509 copy 20140801_170523 copy 20140801_170550 copy 20140801_170531 copy 20140801_170706 copyHello lovelies! xo I’m finally getting to review the It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette! It bought this because I few months ago, after hearing so many great reviews about it. It is a fully matte palette with one transforming pearl shade. I was absolutely excited to try this because it is all matte, and most of the shades are very usable on a daily basis. The texture is velvety smooth and super buttery. This is a great palette to add into your collection. The only downside I would say is the transforming pearl shade, and the packaging itself. The “pearl” color isn’t something you can use on top of the other shades, it’s too pigmented, somewhat matte and changes the color of the shade underneath. The outside pink packaging is a dust magnet. I love the concept and the color, but the felt, fuzzy fabric they used it really hard to keep clean. Overall, I do recommend, but this is a high maintenance palette!



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