What’s In My Mini Makeup Bag?

20140713_181704 copy 20140713_181744 copy 20140713_181818 copy 20140713_181903 copy 20140713_181913 copy 20140713_181928 copy 20140713_182020 copy 20140713_182046 copyHi everyone! I feel like I’m always on the run, and the two things I always need handy is concealer and lipstick. These are what I carry around with me if I don’t have my full makeup bad with me: Sheercover Duo Concealer in light/medium, MAC Flair for Finery, MAC Blankety, and MAC Modesty. I use my Rebecca Minkoff Cory Pouch, which I absolutely love! It’s really nice high quality, thick leather with gold detailing. MAC lipsticks are one of my all time favorite formulas, especially the creamsheen formula. Flair for Finery was a limited edition shade from the last holiday season, but it is a really nice light nude shade. MAC Blankety is all ALL TIME favorite nude lipstick. It is super pigmented and it really flattering on the lips. The Sheer Cover concealer I got in one of my first Ipsy bags and I’ve been really loving it since. Super creamy and blendable, and looks like skin. What do you guys have in your bag on to go?


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