Staple Jewelry Round Up

20140709_175535 copy20140709_175618 copy20140709_175602 copy 20140709_175702 copy 20140709_175645 copy 20140709_175724 copyHi everyone! I love jewelry, I usually wear one or two of my staple pieces on the daily. I absolutely love gold toned jewelry, because I think it just works with my skin tone. I find my jewelry from different places, of course I hunt around in H&M and Franchesca’s , but I really love finding unique vintage style pieces from antique shops, boutiques, thrift stores, and pawn shops. Ebay is another great place to find great jewelry for a great price. My newest edition was the crystal pendant, it’s dainty and matches with nearly everything. Another fav at the moment is my Kenneth Cole watch. I love the white leather and the mirrored face, super summery and stylish. A statement ring is always my go to grab before running out the door. What are some of you favorite pieces?



  1. I gravitate towards really classic timeless simple pieces. Usually, pieces that go with anything, small delicate pendants (today’s is a horseshoe), diamond studs, my silver watch still needs its’ battery replaced. Sometimes I wish I had more interesting jewelry or a bolder style but I guess I’m just not too in to jewelry.

    1. Sounds super cute! I love really simple dainty pieces too, on a daily basis I wear my diamond studs. 🙂 Check out your blog we should collab on a post!!

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