My Mini Indoor Herb Garden!

gardenI know this has nothing to do with beauty, but I am just so darn proud of myself! 😀 I’ve never though of myself as someone with a green thumb, but I had to give it shot since the weather has been so nice lately. I bought a few different kitchen herbs: basil, chives, rosemary, pineapple mint, and dill. I got a cheap plastic potting container and some potting soil, and planted these little beautes the other day! I also invested in a small growing lamp which I clamped above the plants to give them “sunlight”, and water them when the soil dries out a bit. So far, so good! Can’t wait to use them in some recipes! ❤



  1. Cute! I’ve been meaning to start an herb garden too, although I don’t know how to keep my cats away from it :-/ I bought $1 tiny pots with soil & seeds (tomato, strawberry & basil) at Target but I haven’t started it yet. Fresh herbs can get surprisingly expensive! I don’t have a green thumb either (maybe it skips a generation? My mom is a great gardener), luckily the only other thing I have is a succulent at work, those are next to impossible to kill. Hahaha.

    1. Hi! I have a kitty at home too but she doesn’t seem to be very interested in it at all. 🙂 I was able to get the plants for $2 each at a local green house. I found that they need good light, good soil and growing room, moderate watering, and plant food every couple months. I am supposed to trim them every so often but I’ve been putting that off because I don’t want to ruin them! XD

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