My LUSH Bath Favorites! <3

lush copyOh LUSH, how I ❤ you! Here is a collection of my all time favorite LUSH products. Lush Phoenix Rising $6.95, LUSH Twilight $6.25, LUSH Yuzu  & Cocoa Bubble Bar $6.25, LUSH Rose Jam Bubble Bar $6.25. My all time favorite has to be the Twilight Bath Bomb and the Yuzu & Cocoa Bubble Bar. Twilight has that Miss Dior type fragrance to it, and Yuzu & Cocoa smells fruity and warm at the same time. They smell scrumptious!



  1. I can’t use my Lush bath bombs anymore because our apartment has the smallest water heater ever and can’t fill up the bath all the way. I can’t wait to move. Haha. I’m surprised you didn’t mentioned sex bomb! That seems to be a favorite among everyone. I think my favorite would be butterball because its so simple yet leaves my skin so soft.

    1. Aw bummer! 😦 Hopefully you can enjoy them again in your new place. I’ve tried the Sex Bomb and enjoyed it, but i am OBSESSED with the Twilight one! My favorite bubble bar has to be the Yuzu & Cocoa, smells amazing and leaves my skin really soft!

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