Ovonni 29 Brush Set (Sigma Dupe!)

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Hi everyone! Probably the best makeup brush investment I have made for a long time, I stumbled upon this 29 Ovonni makeup brush set with leather case on Ebay. There weren’t a ton of reviews on this but I decided to jump on them because they are an exact dupe of the Sigma Extravaganza Brush Set that retails for over $300, this set is only $48!! The set feels very luxurious, nice sturdy case, and the quality of the brushes are amazing. Super soft and a ton of variety. Get themΒ HERE!





  1. do these brushes pick up enough product for application?
    do they irritate skin? i am thinking of buying these. Can you specify what all these brushes are for?

    1. Hi! The brushes are very nice, soft, dense, and great application. There is a variety of brushes, powder, blush, bronzer, stipple, eyeshadow, crease, eyeliner, lip, and more! I highly recommend this set, best purchase i’ve made in terms of brushes in a long time! πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks so much. Do the brushes shed?
    This would be my first makeup brush set. I am a newbie when it comes to makeup.

    1. This would be a great starter set, as you’re getting pretty much everything you will ever need. lol I personally have not experienced any shedding yet! πŸ™‚

  3. Are these soft? I bought ebays version of mac 217 but I found it quite scratchy as I have sensitive skin. Would theses be scratchy too?

  4. The Ovonni makeup brushes come from the same manufactory which cooperate with the top Brand Brushes, such as sigma.

  5. Hi, my Ovonni 29pc brush set arrived today & I’m so excited to use it! Just wondering if anyone can give me a list of the functions of each brush in it’s cased order? I know what most of them are used for, but just want to be sure. Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

    1. tapered face brush- good for powdering the whole face or blending

      small contour brush- good for a defined contour on the cheek bones, jaw line, nose and temples

      large angled contour brush- good for contouring the cheek bones, jaw line and temples

      large blush brush- good for applying powdered blush

      large fluff brush- powder and blending

      foundation brush- flat foundation brush, good coverage but be careful of streaks

      large duo fibre brush- good for powder or getting an air-brushed/ flawless affect on liquid foundation

      tapered highlighter brush – highlighting or setting under the eye or blemishes

      duo fibre powder and blush brush- good for liquid or cream blush, also can be used for powder
      large medium powder- powder/ blending brush

      small duo fibre- good for lots of coverage, concealer or cream/ liquid contouring
      large powder brush- powder/ blending

      tapered blender- eyeshadow- good for getting into the crease

      pencil brush- good for blending eyeliner or eyeshadow on the lash line, can also be used for cut crease look or highlighting the inner corner

      medium angled shader- good for a winged eyeshadow look, nose contouring or blending eyeshadow

      large smokey eye brush- smoking or blending eyeshadow.

      concealer brush- concealing under the eyes or blemishes

      medium concealer brush- concealing under the eyes or blemishes

      large eyeshadow brush- packing on eyeshadow

      large concealer brush- concealing under the eyes or blemishes. Can also be used for foundation

      mid blender brush- blending

      tapered blender brush- blending

      small tapered blender brush- cut crease or blending

      short eyeshadow brush- smudging eyeliner or eyeshadow in lash line or packing eyeshadow over lid

      flat definer- good for precise concealing around lips or brows to get good definition

      small angled eye brow- good for filling in brows with brow pomade or powder, can also be used for gel eyeliner

      small eyeliner brush- can be used for gel eyeliner or even lining the lips

      covered lip brush- has a case so you can carry it in your bag and not get lipstick all over your bag

      small eyeliner brush- can be used for gel eyeliner or even lining the lips

      Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  6. Hey Guys, please can you tell, where i can buy this Brush Case? But I need the empty case without the any brushes. Thanx a lot.

  7. Hi I am new to makeup and love playing around with it. I have just purchased this brush set but have no idea what brush is what…can someone please help me by uploading a photo with the names of the brush beside the brush please…it would be an awesome help…thanks heaps

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