Divergent Multi-Piece Collector’s Palette Review & Swatches

20140405_100300 copy20140405_100333 copy20140405_100649 copy20140405_100942 copyHi everyone! I wanted to do this quick post on the Divergent Multi-Piece Collector’s Palette $32.50. I picked this up a couple weeks ago online on a whim, because it looked so great! I’m a huge fan of travel friendly, multi-use palettes, for a great price! This one is just that. The packaging itself is really nice, magnetic tin case, with holographic silver overlay. The shades you get inside are 3 neutral shades (1 shimmer + 2 matte), a matte blush and bronzer, and a mini lip gloss. The pigmentation is amazing, very smooth and buttery, slightly powdery. The only let down of this entire palette was the lip gloss for me, only because it was so sheer and smelled like mint. Overall, this is a great palette to add to your collection!

Have you guys tried this? ❤




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