Battle of the Beauty Boxes


Hi everyone! Recently I’ve been really into my beauty subscriptions, especially my Glossybox $21/month. I have been enjoying my Blush Mystery Bag $24.95 and decided to give Birchbox $10/month another go. I love getting new deluxe sizes of things, because it allows me to try new products, and also have a selection of great products to travel with. I’ve been a steady fan of Glossybox, (no complaints) and have been on and off with Blush Mystery bag since it has so much skin/body care items, though mostly full size. I haven’t had a Birchbox for a long while, since I thought the samples were so small and random, but I’m willing to give it another chance! Will report back!

Which beauty subscriptions is your favorite?




  1. I really like my ipsy subscription. I did re-up my birchbox, but I go back and forth. Haven’t tried Glossybox yet. (Have toyed with the idea though!)

    It’s just fun getting the packages each month! Most of the items end up going to my niece or my daughter though.

    ❤ Jules

    1. Most of the samples I haven’t gotten to go into a huge box under my sink and I pull them out to try randomly. 🙂 I tried Ipsy off and on for a little while but decided to cancel. I really recommend Glossybox!

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