Makeup Geek Eyeshadow & Pigment Review!

1 (2)

Hello everyone!! Very exciting post for you today, my mini Makeup Geek Eyeshadow and Pigment haul and review!! Dont’ be fooled by the Mac palette, these are Makeup Geek eyeshadow pans! Marlena did a Youtube video not too long ago comparing her eyeshadows to Mac, video here, and I wascurious to see if they would stand up to the test! I’m a Mac fan, but not a fanatic, so I was willing to give these a fair shot.

2 (2)

The two shades I got were Moondust and Galaxy, her eyeshadow pans retails for $6 each, and are cruelty free, and ship all over the world. I LOVED the colors of these shadows, and decided to put them in my Mac duo palette, only to find out they weren’t magnetized. I can deal with that since I love the shadows so much, the quality I would say is very comparable to Smashbox eyeshadows in my opinion. Mac does have great eyeshadows, but some can be a hit and miss for me. At $6, these are a catch! I will be ordering more! 🙂


Next, I got the Makeup Geek Pigment in Utopia. I would describe this as a duochrome dazzling antique gold with glitter. The glitter is not your typical fine grain glitter, and seems to be more flat. You can definitely feel it when you glide it over your eye but leave a BEAUTIFUL finish.


The pigment is very multi-dementional browns and golds, but I would recommend wearing it wet or with a good primer to extend lasting power. This stuff is AMAZING, also love the packaging!

5Swatches L to R: Moondust, Galaxy, and Utopia

Love it!!!!!!!!!!! ❤


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