Obsessed with INGLOT? Yes, I am!


I really need to rave about these beauties because I have been enjoying them OH so much! These are my INGLOT Freedon System Eyeshadow palettes, I got most of them off Beautylish, and one of the Inglot.com website. If you haven’t heard of INGLOT, you need to be familiarized IMMEDIATELY.  Beautylish does offer free UPS shipping for orders over $35, so that is really nice vs. free shipping with orders over $75 on Inglot.com!


This is the 20 pan freedom system, the beauty of INGLOT is that you can customize to your hearts desire. They have a huge range of shades and finishes (pearls. shines, AMC, matte, and rainbow), and the combinations are endless. I decided to make this one a neutral palette, since that really is my go to on an everyday basis.


These are my 10 pan palettes which I love, I think this is my favorite size of the bunch. The palettes themselves are VERY sturdy, highly magnetic and professional looking. All the shadows have a sticker on the back of them so you know exactly which one is which!


These are my 5 pan palettes, which are very convenient and sleek, perfect for on the go or for traveling. The the baby blue shades! The eyeshadows themselves are highly pigmented, great texture, and last a long time. Are you ready for this? INGLOT is BETTER than MAC! There I said it, because it’s true! Also much more affordable. Each eyeshadow is only $6 per pan, versus $18 for a MAC shadow!


Here are some swatches with some different finishes, how gorgeous are they!

PLEASE check out INGLOT! 🙂


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