July Starlooks Starbox 2013 Review!

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Hello people! I just received my July ‘Ibiza’ Starlooks Starbox! If you guys aren’t familiar with this subscription, it’s ALL makeup, and delivered once a month to your home for $15/month. It’s an amazing value because most of the products are always full size, and the quality is really great for the price.

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This month was all about bronzed summer skin and great warm looks. They have a look book every month which features models wearing the product in the box without revealing what they are! It’s a great surprise, and a fun addition to your mailbox every month. Check out the look book here.


And, the box!! LOVING it!! This is why I love this service, considering it’s only $5 more than Birchbox or Ipsy! Totally worth it!!


The first thing I saw was this Starlooks Sculpt & Blush 906 Brush.  This retails for $22 on their website, so just this brush along covers more than the cost of this box!! I’m a real fan of their brushes, they are super soft, professional looking, and well made. Kind of remind me of Mac brushes!


The other item in this box was this Quince brand Relaxing Body Butter with Chamomile & Lavender. Has a pretty good amount in the packet, paraben free, and is good for about 3-4 uses. It feels very thick and creamy, and leaves your skin moisturized. Would be great for very dry feet, knees, and elbows. Not a huge fan of the smell, kind of ‘grandma’ but a nice addition none the less.


Next was this half size bronzing pigment in Pennywise. This retails for $8 on their website. You are supposed to mix this with the body butter and use it all over your skin for a bronzed glow! Definitely a great idea, but would be amazing as a eyeshadow pigment alone!


It’s a pretty nice size, about the size of a mineral eyeshadow, the formula is pigmented, smooth, and very shimmery. It’s a coppery bronze shade, beautiful!


Next was this amazing 5 pan eyeshadow palette in St. Tropez! This retails for $41 on their website!!! 😀 Love the colors I’m seeing so far, this is AMAZING! Their eyeshadow formula is very smooth, pigmented, and lasts nicely.


Here are the colors in the palette, the first shade is a creamy light shimmery champagne pink, next is a shimmery marigold yellow, then a shimmery warm peach, next is a shimmery deep burgundy, and lastly a soft matte black. I can totally see myself wearing all these colors and making some great summer looks!


Here are the swatches, the first 5 are from the St. Tropez palette, and the last swatch is the bronzing pigment in Pennywise. LOVE all the colors, nicely pigmented and smooth, the matte black was the least pigmented out of the bunch, but would be great for setting liner or lightly smoking out a look.


Last but not least, is the crystals they put in every box! Over the past year, I’m not sure where I leave all these little things as they seemed to have disappeared!

Overall, LOVE this month’s box, loved ALL the products, so happy with Starbox! 🙂



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