Julep Summertime Mystery Big Box! July 2013


Hey everyone!!! I gave in this month and had to check out this Julep Summertime Big Mystery Box for this month! This was $40, but promised up $125-$300 worth of products! I used to be a maven, but canceled my subscription because my collection was getting crazy, but I love still getting these mystery boxes every once in a while for a nice surprise!


This is what my box looked like, from my invoice I got Mystery Box #5, I was super excited because I had seen some other people’s boxes and seemed like they got some really great stuff!


And, TA DA! My polishes!! I got a total of 7 AMAZING shades that I actually love, and a few other items. Two of the polishes were limited edition shades that came in every box, but the rest were up for grabs. Excited to through them!! 🙂


The first thing I saw was this eyelash curler, I had seem this appear in past month’s boxes but I guess this was a nice little bonus! It’s a bit different than your traditional curler, but we will see if this work well or not after some use.


The first set of polishes I got were the two limited edition shades and a pretty shimmery pink shade. The pink one reminded me of a Dior polish I have, and also another Zoya shade, but I love it none the less! The the glittery shades seem super sparkly and perfect for summer. Monica is a pretty glittery fushia-pink, and Kyla is a glittery orange-coral shade. Can’t wait to try it on my toes!


Shades L to R: Monica (limited edition), Kyla (limited edition), and Audrey


Next were these beauties!! LOVE these creme colors! All of which I would actually wear! Susie is a very pretty pale blueish-white shade, Myrtle is a nice classic red, Amy is a somewhat muted sea blue, and Anne is a bright grape purple. I really like the formula of these, they last pretty decently with a topcoat and base coat, and look amazing on the nails.


Shades L to R: Susie, Myrtle, Amy, and Anne


Another extra I got were these two foam nail separators, I have so many of these that I never use, I would have loved to get the Sea Salt Texture spray the mavens got in their boxes this month!


Last but not lease was this convertible brush duo! The quality is pretty good, and would be great to use for concealer, foundation, or random touch ups. Overall, Love it! Totally reconsidering becoming a subscriber again!!

What do you guys think!? 🙂


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