From Across the Pond: Soap & Glory Lid Stuff Review!


Hey everyone!! I wanted do this review on Soap & Glory Lid Stuff Eyeshadow Palettes. I got both of these beauties across the pond from a makeup swap I did a little whole ago, but I had all this time to test them and play around with them, and I have to say, these need to come to the US now!! These retail for £10.00, which translates to around $15.


This first one is ‘What’s Nude’, like the name suggests, it is a neutral palette, with 4 very wearble shades. The packaging overall is cute, a tad bulky but nothing you loose sleep over.  I love Soap & Glory as a brand overall, they make really great products! I US only has some of their body collections and just now introducing makeup, but they definitely need to bring over all the products we don’t get yet!!


This is ‘What’s Nude’, and the shades are L to R: Vanilla, Honey, Mudhoney, and Aubersheen. There is a total of 3 matte shades in this one, and one shimmery shade which is awesome!! Love the imprinting of the logo also, the texture of these shadows are buttery, smooth, and pigmented. They are about the size of MAC shadows, and are an incredible drugstore option.


Swatches L to R: Vanilla, Honey, Mudhoney, and Aubersheen


This next one is ‘Off The Wall Flowers’ which is a brighter palette, with from L to R: Sugar Violet, Minky, Dandy Plum, and Wild Blue. This one has 3 shimmery shades and one matte, the Sugar Violet shade which can be worn sheet or build up for intensity. The texture of these again are very buttery and smooth, and the pigmentation is very good. Also a side note, there is no crappy sponge applicator! They actually make a note of that on the back of these palettes that they did this one purpose so it would be more affordable overall, and that we probably would want to use a better one anyway. 🙂


Swatches L to R: Sugar Violet, Minky, Dandy Plum, and Wild Blue

LOVE these, do you!? 😀


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