NEW! Sinful Shine Gel Tech Nail Polishes!


Hi everyone!! I just got a  hold of these Sinful Shine Gel Tech Nail Polishes from Walgreens! They were $2.99 each and had a pretty good color section! The shiny caps drew me in first, kind of a shiny metallic chrome finish, and all the great colors!! I had heard so many great things about the BarryM Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paints over in the UK, but these might be the US equivalent!


I got a bright hot pink called All The Rage, and a neon coral/red shade Picante. AMAZING. I did a swatch on my nail and it looks amazing. I can’t say more good things about this, I want the entire collection!! The finish is SUPER shiny, very opaque, not streaky, and dries very quickly! HIGHLY recommend these, especially for the price!

imageHere is the entire collection off their website, loads of great colors, some glittery shades as well! Check them out at Walgreens! 😀


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