May Glossybox USA 2013


Hey everyone! This is the May 2013 Glossybox in the US, I was super excited about this box because it is the 1 year anniversary box for Glossybox, and  I had heard that there were going to be some great products that were going to be featured!


I actually really like the Glossybox Magazine that comes with each box, I do read it all, and think the content is really interesting! They do a great job with it, and it’s not just promoting all the brands that come in the box, they have great articles, product reviews, and interviews!


This is the card that I got with my box, it just has all the things that were inside! No peeking!! 😉


Lovely packaging as usual with some promo cards, and a nice coupon for my next Ulta visit!


And, Ta da! My box. I was really excited for the Amore Pacific compact and the full size 365 perfume stick overall. Considering the full size compact is $60, and the sample is VERY generous size, I’d say in terms of value, I got my money’s worth!


This is the Sebastian Volupt Spray Gel, It’s a nice delux sample which I like, and I’ve gotten a lot of things from this brand before and I’ve liked everything I’ve gotten. I don’t really use gel in my hair so I’ll pass this along to my husband, but nice to see in my box none the less.


Next is the Amore Pacific Color Cushion Compact in 104 Tan Blush with SPF 50! They are a Korean brand, and I was SUPER excited to try this, I love that it came in it’s own little box! The size is really great, and LOVE that is has such a high SPF, especially for this summer season!


The product came with a mini face sponge, and the product itself was liquidy and was saturated in a sponge itself. You dab a bit on your face sponge and pat it over your face blending as you go. It feels really hydrating, and the coverage I’d say is light/medium. It really evened out my skin tone and left a dewy healthy glow. It smells fresh and really nice, and LOVE that is has antioxidants and SPF.


Next was this MyPrime Multi-Purpose Mattyfying Moisturizer. I was really intrigued by this because I was like “hm, moisturizer and matte finish?” Never heard of something like that but was excited to try. It had a hydrating feel but dried somewhat matte on the skin, this is the perfect moisturizer and matte primer in one!


This is the full size Lux 365 Solid Perfume Stick which is a $15 value! I was really happy about this because I love getting full size products in my subscription boxes, really makes them worth my while. “Vibrant and radiant, yet soft and feminine. A graceful scent that evokes white floral notes with an underlying refreshing hint of sweet citrus, Lux 369 is flirty, airy and delicate.”


The stick itself was fine, but I DID NOT like the smell!! It smelled like baby powder and old lady mixed in one. I’m a fruity/floral girl myself, and this did not smell floral at all, so I passed this along to a friend! Would have loved this if the smell was different!


Next were a couple packets, one was a full size face mask and the other was a sample of a body wash. Haven’t tried these items yet, but happy to have face masks around!


Overall, I did like this box, but I wish that the perfume stick was a different scent! Other than that, pretty happy with the box, I will continue my subscription with them! 🙂

What do you guys think?!


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