April Starlooks Starbox 2013!


Hello beauties! Sorry for the weird blue tinge on this post, it was a gloomy, overcast day, and my camera was picking it up! Anyway, here is my April Starlooks box! I really LOVE this subscription, for $15/month, you get 4-5 full size products every time, and the quality of the makeup is really great, very comparable to mid-range and high end brands!


Here is the card for this month, they usually do a photoshoot each month for their look book which gives you hints to what products you might get each month. They usually never post sneak peeks, but really love that they do this just to keep you guessing!


The first item I saw was this Lashboost Mascara Base. The packaging is incredible, metallic metal and super modern looking. This is a TOTAL dupe for the Too Faced Better Than Falsies Nylon Lash Extension System but WAY better. Basically it is a base with tiny little nylon fibers in it to physically lengthen your before you apply your mascara!


Here is a close up of the wand, the formula feels a bit tacky at first, and there’s lots of little white fibers throughout to latch onto your lashes and make them longer! I have to say this DOES work, and once you apply your normal mascara over it, you lashes looks WAY longer!! 😀 This retails for $13 on their website!


Next was this Mineralized Translucent Powder. This thing is huge! It retails for $25 on their website, so the value of this box is really amazing!!


The top just has their logo on it, but overall, I do really like the packaging.


Here’s the back, just labeled translucent white, it does not appear white at all on the skin, and I use this almost everyday to set my makeup with a flat top powder brush. It softly mattifys the skin, and apply very sheerly! Love the finish it gives and feels very lightweight!


Next was this lip balm in mint and aloe vera. It smelled and tasted like sweet spearmint, but gave my lips a very smooth and softened finish! Like it overall, love that it had SPF!


Next was their Tendergloss Lipstick in Honey. I’ve gotten one of these before, and LOVED it. This one has a neutral tone, but a frosty finish which I don’t really like in lipsticks. The formula however is amazing, and totally recommend. They are buttery and glide on with ease and are somewhere it between a gloss balm and hydrating lipstick.


Here’s a swatch, again sorry for the light!! ;P


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