March Glossybox 2013 USA


Hello everyone! My March Glossybox has finally arrived! I was super dissapointed by missing the January Man Repeller box, and the “eh” February box, so I was hoping that this one would make me excited. This month’s theme is Spring Fling, I am so ready for Spring!


The box is really nice, I’ve really always enjoyed keeping the Glossybox boxes to store things in my bathroom, or crafts. They’re really sturdy and pretty!


Here’s the inside, the typical pink ribbon and black tissue paper. There’s also a Spring Fling Card describing the theme a bit!


Here is a list of all the items in the box. At first glance I’m pretty happy with the contents, wish I had gotten the Pixi Lip Tint instead of the hairspray or soap, I had gotten a small Bvlgari soap in last month’s box,  but let’s see what’s inside!


Here is the box! Super excited about the ModelCo Cheek & Lip Stain which they had showed a sneek peek on their Facebook page a few weeks before, the rest of the items seemed pretty good as well. Not too excited about the soap bar sliver, but I’ll give it a chance.


First thing I saw, was this Sebastian Shaper Fierce Finishing Hair Spray. I’ve tried Sebastian hair products before, but never heard of this hairspray. I dont use hairspray too often, but was happy to see a Sebastian product. I will be giving this to a friend!


Next was this Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Emollient Cream. “The Emollient Cream is protecting and nourishing the skin from dryness, it contains vitamin A (carrot extracts) that serves as an emollient and 36 botanical extracts that leave the skin feeling smooth and looking radiant.” The full size cost of this is $123 for 1oz!!


The cream itself is very creamy and rich, it smells clean, and would be great for dry skin or a night treatment. This little sample would cost around $30!! SO crazy!!!


Next is this Prestiche Essential Oil Bar Soap in Lemongrass. I LOVE the smell of Lemongrass so this soap has redeemed itself. It’s a slim sliver, but will be good to try. The ingredients are Olive Oil, Water, Coconut Oil), Palm Oil, Lye, Castor Seed Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Shea Butter, and Sesame Seed Oil and is cold pressed. Pretty natural! The full size bar is $17, this sample I would say is about 1/4 of the size.


Next was this $40 Gift Certificate to the Prestiche website! It can go toward any beauty product with no minimum minus the shipping cost which I think is around $12. Their products seem to be around $15-$60 so you can get a good choice of product or assortment which this coupon code!


Next is this Elite Models Paris Intensity Waterproof Eyeliner. This is a full size product worth $14. The color is black with tiny silver sparkles. Can’t wait to try this! I’m a huge eyeliner fan so I will definitely get some use out of this! Also happy that this is waterproof, it’s hard to find a eyeliner that actually stays on a long time!


Next was the product I was really looking forward to, the ModelCo Cheek+Lips Tint in Rosy Red, another full size product! This retails for $24, so this alone of worth more than what you paid for the entire Glossybox! So happy I got this!!


Here is the tube, really pretty, love the packaging. Can’t wait to use it!!! 🙂


Here is a swatch of the ModelCo Cheek+Lip Tint in Rosy Red, and the Elite Models Paris Waterpoof Eyeliner. Both products are EXTREMELY long wearing and do not budge!!!! Overall, really liked this box, really excited for next month!

What do you think!? 😀



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