Recent ELF Haul!! XO


Hey everyone! I just wanted to make a post about my recent ELF haul, I took advantage of a sale they were having 50% studio a couple weeks ago, and I HAD to try a few things that were on my wishlist.  These are the ELF Long Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadows, I heard such great things about these, and the swatches looked amazing, so I had to try. They came out to $1.50 originally $3 each, a TOTAL steal.


I got 3 colors, Soiree, Gala and Toast. I absolutely LOVE all three of these colors, at first I wasn’t sure about Soiree but it’s so flattering on my skin tone. There is a bit of glitter in these shadows, so if you don’t like that I’m not sure you will like these. These are VERY long wearing, and great for all over the lid.


This is Gala, a nice chocolatey brown shade, it has some shimmer, and looks somewhat metallic. This looks AMAZING on the eyes. I love just using this to create a nice brown smokey eye look. You can concentrate the colors if you like or blend it out. I would work somewhat quickly with these because once they set it’s really hard to blend.


This is Soiree, a beautiful mid-toned pink/mauve colors with shimmer and glitter. This colors is really gorgeous, and I usually don’t like pink/red toned shades on my eyelids, but I REALLY like the effect of this. Again, the glitter in this one is a bit more apparent, so use with precision!


Last but not least is Toast, a pretty glittery gold shade, great to amp up an everyday look. Again be cautious of the glitter, but really looks great on the skin. 


Swatches: Soiree, Toast, and Gala


Swatches: Soiree, Toast, and Gala after I rubbed my hand REALLY hard! Color is still there!! XD


These are the ELF baked blushes and bronzers, I heard rave reviews about these and decided why not try them. They overall size of these are smaller than I thought they were going to be, but you can still get a lot of use out of these. The packaging for some reason seemed a bit better, heavier, so maybe ELF is stepping it up!


These are the two baked bronzers I got, the left is St. Lucia, and the right is Los Cabos. I didn’t get the middle shade because it seemed to have an orangey undertone while these did not. Los Cabos is the lightest shade of bronzer and looks SO natural on the skin! This shade is great for everyday contouring if you have light/med skin tones. They do have a light satiny sheen to them, but they do not have shimmer. Your skin looks healthy! Los Cabos is the darkest shade, this is good for when I get tan during the summer, or if I want a deeper contour. Love that they are cooler toned, still great!


These are the baked blushes! I got Peachy Cheeky and Rich Rose. Both of these are gorgeous. Peachy Cheeky has a very luminous quality, will a great natural peachy pink color. Doubles as a blush and highlighter! Rich Rose is a gorgeous color, kind of a deep rose gold color, looks really great on the skin.


Swatches: Peachy Cheeky, Rich Rose, St. Lucia, Los Cabos


Swatches: Peachy Cheeky, Rich Rose, St. Lucia, Los Cabos again after I rubbed my hand REALLY hard! The colors really stay on!

What do you guys think!? 🙂


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