2012 Jewelmint Haul + Mystery Box!


Hey everyone, I’m super excited to bring you this post, it’s a little late since I actually got most of this stuff in the mail in December 2012, but since I’ve been wearing the jewelry and am more familiar with their service I thought I’d finally do a review! So Jewelmint is a subscription jewelry service, it’s $29.99/month. It’s kind of odd because they give your ‘credits’ to actually purchase the pieces so you have to wait for those to be in your account. I believe they show up after the 5th of each month since between the 1st and the 5th you have the option to skip the month if you choose and not get charged!!


Here is the first package I received, the boxes themselves are so pretty and very good quality, things you actually feel bad thowing away!! They are magnetized shut, and come with foam inserts to protect and hold the jewelry. Sometimes they include a bag if it is a bracelet or fragile piece. Love the packaging, great presentation!


They were running a promo that month for 3 rings for $29.99 so I jumped on the opportunity! This first ring set I got was the Covet Rings, they were a set of two gold toned rings, once with a purple cushion cut gem, and the other was a round opal smooth gem. They are so gorgeous and really stood out to me on the site.


They’re super well made and weighty, I believe most of the Jewelmint pieces are gold plated, and the designs are ALL gorgeous. These rings are a little chunkier than I imagined, but definitely make a statement, happy to have them in my collection!


Next is the Royal Indigo Ring, I fell in love with this ring immediately when I saw it on the site, but unfortunately my standard size 7 was sold out!! I went with a size 6 and hoped it would fit and it does tightly fit my ring finger on my right hand.


The quality of this again is very nice, it’s chunky, weighty, and nicely designed. I only wish the gem part of the ring was a little better as it looks and feels a little cheaper than the rest of the ring, but since it’s a fashion ring which I got for $10, I can live with it. I absolutely love the detailing around the base, feels very noble and antiqued!


Here’s the view from above, very big ring! 🙂


The next piece has to be one of my favorites, the Gold Mosaic Ring. It’s so chic and so versatile, I wear this piece the most out of all the other Jewelmint pieces!! It’s a shiny gold toned, modern ring with a cluster of elevated squares on top.


It’s a well made piece, gold plated like the others, and fits nicely on my finger. I typically choose a size 7 for rings. I love the design of this, very creative, and flattering, totally recommend this piece!!


Also, I wanted to mention that every Jewelmint piece comes engraved with their logo somewhere on the piece! I know on their necklaces and some bracelets they have tags that say Jewelmint on them, I thought that was a very nice touch!


Here’s Part 2!!! I also got a hold of a Mystery Box they were selling in January, It was supposed to be the best one they’ve done yet and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try one. It’s $29.99, and has a minimum of 4 pieces of random jewelry. First thing I saw was this amazing jewelry box! It reminds me of the ocean and sand for some reason, but was very happy to see this!


Here’s the top of it so you can see how big it is, it’s a nice fabric material and is again very well made, I use this to keep all my Jewelmint pieces in now! 🙂


So here’s what I got in my Mystery Box, as promised, I received 4 jewelry pieces plus the jewelry box, At first glance I was pretty happy with the selections, definitely things I would not immediately buy for myself, but happy to try them and add them to my collection.


This is the Peacock Ring, it’s a very heavy and chunky ring, but the ring itself is very pretty. I love the gold detailing on the sides and the photo of the peacock, looks like it’s drawn! It’s a big ring so I was happy to get I think a size 7 or 8, it fits nicely on my middle finger!  Again, this is a piece I wouldn’t normally buy for myself, but that’s buy I like these Mystery Boxes because it gives you a chance to try things for a good deal!


Again you can see the Jewelmint logo engraved inside the ring! 🙂


Next piece is called the Starstruck Ring, it’s very trendy and modern, but still simple which I like, again a piece that wouldn’t stand out to me on the site, but I actually think it’s pretty cute! This one is silver plates, and well constructed, love the chain detailing, very unique!


Next I got the Celtic Gem Rings, they are a set of 3 rings, mixed metals, the stand out piece being the gold one with the red stone. It feels very elvish or Scottish to me, but somehow I thought how are these supposed to go together?? :/ I really love the simpler pieces, but I ended up selling the gold and red stone ring since I thought it wasn’t really my style. Still, I was happy to try it!


Last little thing I got came in this black velvet pouch! It felt very heavy so I was excited to see what it was!! 🙂


This is the Sabor Splendor Bangle, this is definitely a bold, statement piece, it’s very modern and geometric, but still glam. This piece I think could easily transition from the office to a night out of you wanted! It’s very heavy and well made, and the black stone is a think an acrylic stone.


I actually really like this, another piece I wouldn’t really buy for myself, but happy to have! It hinges from the side so it’s easy to put on and take off. Really elegant and glam! I really appreciate the time and effort Jewelmint puts into their packaging and design, it realy makes a world of difference and makes me want to stay subscribed.


Overall my experience with Jewelmint as been a good one, slightly steep at $29.99, but the pieces are definitely worth it in quality. I would say take advantage of the promo codes, and if you don’t see a piece on the site that month that is to your liking, just skip so you are not charged!! Another note, once you sign up and actually purchase something on the site, you are automatically enrolled into their monthly program. (Something I didn’t know!!) To cancel you have to Live Chat with someone or call and cancel directly. I plan on continuing my subscription for now, but just something to keep in mind!

What do you guys think!? 🙂


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