My Amazing New Pro Z Palette!


Hey everyone! Exciting post, I just recieved my new Pro Size Z Palette in the mail!!! I have been debating what kind of palette I wanted to try and finally decided on the Z Palette. I ordered this off Ebay here and it was $17 including shipping. It is an authentic Z Palette, but the listing states that these all have “factory blemishes” I coulnd’t really see any so it was a total deal!! 😀


The quality of these are really nice, very sturdy and heavy. They are magnetic so you can depot any pan and place them in! If the pan isn’t metal, than you can buy small magnetic strips to tape to the back of the pans. This palette retails for $25 + shipping on their website.


This palette is slightly large than their large size palette but not by much, It tall enough to fit in all flat pans. They do also sell a domed palette so you can fit all your domed powder products! (Just ordered one!) I think overall there is a tough cardboard material with a smooth black casing. And the window is made of a thick plastic.


I can’t believe how much room this little palette is saving me. By depoting all these products, I cut down my powder storage bin by almost half!! I plan on continuing to depot all the powders and give them a nice home. I’ve also noticed that I actually get use out of them all as well!! 🙂


I absolutely LOVE the Z Palette, totally recommend this to whoever wants to save some space in their drawers!! XD

What do you guys think?!



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