Etsy Shop Smash Cosmetics Review!


Hello everyone! SUPER exciting post for you, I have a rave review for a product I was sent from Etsy shop SMASHCosmetics. They offer high quality vegan eyeshadows for $6 each. They range from shimmer, matte, glitter, metallic, duo chrome, and unique custom blends. I highly recommend you check them out!!


I received 6 eyeshadows, the packaging is nothing too mind boggling, simple little white round stickers, some with the logo, some with just the name written on, but on the inside was quite the pretty surprise! 😀


They are each 10 gram loose eyeshadows, definitely enough to play around with and create lots of looks. Plus I feel a little goes a long way to loose mineral eyeshadows, and I definitely recommend using some sort of base. Fall out is usually a given, so something tacky on the lids helps the powder to stick! Also, applied wet they have much more impact! 🙂


Here are the colors from L to R: Unearth, Hurricane, Asteria, Magic, Fools Gold, and Umber. I absolutely love these colors, very earthy yet sophisticated at the same time. Can’t wait to try the glittery one! 🙂


The texture of the eyeshadows are really nice, the matte colors and the darker non-shimmery shades are VERY pigmented. Staying powder is also good with these shades on their own. Unearth and Magic are pretty, glittery and sheer. Great for a wash over the lid, everyday natural looks.


Swacthes L to R: Unearth, Magic, Fools Gold, Umber, Hurricane, and Asteria

Check out her shop: SMASHCosmetics

LOVE them! What to you guys think?! 😀



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