Etsy Shop LynBDesigns Polish Review!


Hey everyone! Another indie polish review for you today, the lovely Jenna from LynBDesigns on Etsy, sent me some more polishes for you to see!! I’ve been a fan of her polishes for a bit now, and I absolutely LOVE these colors! Very fun and unique. Absolutely love the blue glitter polish!! 🙂


The first one is Christmas Kitsch, which is part of her holiday collection. “Each of my polishes are made with love and is a unique formulation. All of my polishes are blends made from multiple glitters, pigments, and pre-made polishes. The majority of pre-made polishes used are 3-free.”


This polish is a fun blend of multi-colored matte and glitter squares, pretty much with every size and color you can imagine. They are all suspended on a clear base so you can layer this over any color you would like! It does take a little maneuvering to place the glitter where you want them, but overall, really like this!


Swatch: Christmas Kitsch


This next one is The Banker from her Monopoly Collection, “it’s a shimmery white bade loaded with multi-colored shreds and and multi-colored satin hexes. It’s a tradition in my house to play Monopoly every year during the Holidays. We have vicious battles that sometimes end in tears. We have high stakes games that take hours on end to play, and we’ve even combined two boards to create the perfect frankened game.”


Swatch: The Banker


Last but certainly not least, is Duwop!! This is my favorite of the bunch, I LOVE the color and the effect it has, and it is from her Glitter Galore Collection. “It’s a gorgeous teal blue with color shifting capabilities, and tons of glitter. It can change green, gold, or even more blue depending on the light. It has gold and teal medium hexagons, silver holographic strips, and a generous helping of medium blue glitter.”


Swatch: Duwop

Check out her shop!: LynBDesigns

What do you guys think?! 😀


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