December Starlooks Starbox 2012!


Hello everyone! Super fun post for you today, I recently got my December Starlooks Starbox!! It’s a monthly subscription for $15, and it’s all makeup! The brand was created based on MAC product, so the quality is really great for the price. This month was special because they told us we were all getting a 15 color eyeshadow palette worth $99!! Couldn’t wait to see what I got! 😀


First thing I saw was this card, it was really pretty and part of the lookbook that they release every month as inspiration with hidden sneek peaks. There was also tons of these iridescent glitter shreds everywhere and it looks like tinsel and snow! Loved it!!


The back of the card just explains what we are getting, and some of the color pairs we can try on our eyes. I’m seeing some bright color combos, so I’m guessing the palette is going to be pretty fun!


Here’s another little card talking about their lookbook, they also have a Facebook page that you can follow!


And here’s the palette!!! The packaging looks pretty nice, nothing crazy just a nice sleek black snakeskin textured box. The colors looks really nice and bright! It’s going to be a challenge trying to make these wearable!! I would have preferred a nice smokey palette or neutral palette with some color, but this is a good surprise.


Here’s the back of the palette, it just says what it is and a list of ingredients. Also the palette number i07A. I’m not sure if people got different palettes or not but it would be fun if we did!! You can also purchase this palette on their website, but it’s $99!!


This palette is really nice, they have the large Starlooks logo on the front, it’s simple and not too large. It’s perfect to play around with and I love how big the eyeshadow pans are!


There is a mix of bright mattes, and shimmery shades. I don’t see names of the colors anywhere but some of them did stand out to me!! The textures of these shadows are nice, they are pretty good quality for the price, I wouldn’t say it’s  better than MAC, but some are definitely lacking than others in terms of color pay off, especially the mattes!


Here is another close up of the palette, the colors are really pretty, and I like that there are some colors that I wouldn’t normally purchase or try. I can’t wait to create some vibrant looks! I think I would mostly use this as a highlight color under the lower lash line, or blended with some more neutral colors.


Swatches: Starlooks i07A Palette!

Overall, I liked the palette, I thought it was a really fun addition. I wish the colors were a little more wearable, but I can’t wait to try some other products from them! 🙂

What do you guys think!? 😀



    1. Hi! Yes, I would recommend it, if you like makeup! I was tired of getting small samples from Birchbox/MyGlam/Glossybox that I didn’t use, this one you get full-size products and it’s all makeup related! Plus it’s only $15 and you can cancel at anytime. 🙂

  1. i got mine too, i didn’t like all the shiny stuff that fell out when i opened the box. I had to run for the vacuum and I am still picking up the “flakes.” So, not sure if that was a such a great idea. I liked the colors, however, not the colors I would normally wear. I can see myself being very creative with the pallet. your color swatch on the back of your hand looks highly pigmented, so I can’t wait to try them out! cheers!

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