MAC 2012 Making Pretty Collection!


How pretty is this collection… “The art of making pretty – shade by glamorous shade, finish by fabulous finish, brush by beautiful brush. A luxurious collection of Lipsticks, Sheer Mystery and Iridescent Powders, and professional grade Brushes to perfect the art. Dressed in richly textured, pale pink faux shagreen and detailed with a rose-gold signature bow.”


This is the MAC Pretty Sheer Mystery Powder, it comes in 3 different shades, and is a “High style powder with a silky soft texture in three shades: Dark Secret, Light Medium, and Medium Plus. From deep caramel to pale ivory, there’s a shade for every skin tone.” It’s a whopping $65, but really you’re paying for packaging, and how gorgeous it is!


Next is the Making Pretty Brush Set $100 and the Making Pretty Iridescent Powder $65. The powder is a “Silver Dusk Iridescent Powder/Loose, a finely milled mixture of Mica and pigments, which gives skin a beautiful sheen.” This would be SO lovely on any vanity and is so feminine and luxurious. The brush set comes with a 136 Powder Brush and 282 All Over Eye Shader Brush. The price tag is way too steep for me for two brushes, but for the die hard MAC enthusiast, it would be  a pretty addition to your collection.


Last but not least, is the Mac Making Pretty Lipstick. This is something that I would totally buy. They are priced at $28, which is doable I think. It’s still an expensive lipstick, but for a limited edition product, I would splurge. “Vanity arrives in two shades – Runaway Red, a rich red-blue with a satin finish, and 3N, a milky pastel pink with a lustre finish.” 3N is GORGEOUS, totally will be getting this!!

Will you be checking out this collection? 🙂

What do you guys think!?



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