Etsy BoroughBabeSupply Review!


Hello everyone!! 🙂 A very glittery post for you today, I got a small package in the mail and it was filled with these beautiful glitters!!! The Etsy shop is BoroughBabeSupply, a place to find solvent resistant glitters, washi tape, and all things DIY. I was super interested in her glitter mixes and was happy to see some in the package!!


I love staring at glitter. It’s so pretty, multi-faceted, and always interesting! A lot of these had holographic effects, but some were vibrant bold matte or pastel colors!


This holo glitter mix is called Velveteen, a medly of red, blue, holographic shapes. The photo does not do it justice, as the holographic glitters really shine in the light! Amazing!


These are Large Red Square glitters, and a Small Mixed Turquoise glitters. I really love these two together, lots of contrast and bright colors! The turquoise is especially pretty, it’s super sparkly!


Next are the Holo Light Purple Fiber Bar glitters, a light color changing holographic lavender color, and a glitter mix call Love Letter! Love Letter is a mix of pastel pink hexes, large red hexes, purple hexes, and blue bars. It’s really pretty and definitely romantic looking!


Last but not lease were these NEON Yellow Medium Hex glitters, and a Pearl Light Green Medium Hex glitters. The neon yellow glitters are a very bright highlighter yellow, they are so cute and so fun!! The pearly light green hexes are also nice, they would look really great mixed in with other pastels.


The first glitter I trialed was Love Letter. I have my pre-assembled nail polish bottle (Nailite) with suspension base (Brambleberry) ready to go! I used the whole packet, which is actually pretty good amount for one polish. It’ll look full and dense with glitter!


I don’t own a funnel tube, so I usually make these little things out of paper. It works really well!! Glitter can get messy, but there’s ways to keep it to a minimum!


Here is Love Letter all mixed together I really like how the blue bars really stand out against all the pink and red. Let’s see what it looks like swatched!


Swatch: Love Letter


Next is Velveteen, this was my personal favorite mix out of the bunch, the silver holographic bits are really impressive, super sparkly, and a good mix!


Here it is in the bottle, again the photo does not do this justice!! The holos in this really stand out! 🙂


Swatch: Velveteen


Next are the Small Turquoise and Red Square glitters, I was super excited to put this one together, I was really curious how it was going to turn out!


Here it is! So pretty!!! The turquoise glitters are really sparkly, and I love the pop of red that you get with these two glitters. Super excited to wear this!


Swatch: Tight Rope


Last but not least is the Neon Yellow hex glitters. Neon is a really on trend color this year and next year, so wearing this on your nail will instantly brighten your outfit or look!


Here it is in the bottle, it looks a little washed out here, but trust me this is a vibrant highlighter yellow. It’s really unique and I love the medium size hexes. This would look great over any solid creme color!


Swatch: Hilighter

Overall, really love her shop! There is a pretty large variety of glitters, and she is a very nice girl! Shipping was fast and everything arrived safely. Definitely check her out! 🙂

Check out her shop: BoroughBabeSupply

What do you guys think!? 😀



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