Etsy Shop LoveHues Review! ❤

Hi everyone! As you know, I’m big on supporting Etsy Shops, especially during the holidays, so I’m going to be reviewing a bunch of shops and products throughout December coming up to Christmas! This is a very special one called Lovehues. ‘We offer high quality, unique mineral makeup, all crafted with love and care. Our eye-catching colors vary from duo-chromes to pearls, from bold colors to soft neutrals. Love Hue’s products are not tested on animals.” 🙂

Here is what I got in the mail, I got one full-size eyeshadow, and a few sample bags. First impression was Oh my, the colors!! They look so dreamy and natural, but not boring, very unique! 🙂

Here is everything laid out. If you are interested on the sample bags, she does sell Any 10 Pigment Samples for $9.75. The full-size eyeshadows retail at $5.99 at 1 gram, so it’s a better value and you get try out more colors before you purchase the full size!

Here is the full size eyeshadow packaging, it’s a clear plastic container, very cute, with her logo on the top. There is also the shade name, ingredients, and weight on the bottom! It does come with a sifter inside so that is nice! These are absolutely adorable, and so tempting to collect!! 🙂

First sample is Sandcastle, a sparkly nude color. “Beautiful neutral nude eyeshadow, with a touch of shimmer. Brightens up the eye as a wash and can be used in the inner corners of the eye for a touch of lightness in a smokey eye.” It’s absolutely luminescent and perfect for everyday wear. Lovely color!!

Next is Wonderstruck, a Stunning Multicolored Mineral Eyeshadow Taupe Nude Gold Pink and Purple. “Color shifting, duochromed and slightly shimmered, Wonderstruck is a gorgeous and complex color. It unexpectedly shifts from a bright gold, to a pink, to a purple.”In the pot, it looks more gold toned, but let’s see later what it looks like swatched!

This is Chestnut Mulberry, a Tawny Nude Mauve Mineral Eyeshadow. “A Pearlescent warm brown, with at subtle hint of mauve and a light shimmer. Mid-hued color, great as a wash for a touch of color.” It is a very pretty warm reddish brown. Perfect for fall!

This is Kiss of Shadows, probably me favorite out of the bunch!! It’s a Silver Nude Rose Mineral Eyeshadow. “Silvery, delicate blush nude rose comprised of multi-colored iridescent shimmer with a darker mauve undertone.” It’s SO lovely, and a very unique color, has hints of so many colors! Love it!!

Another favorite is Chocolate Marshmallow. I’ve been loving wearing chocolatey brown this season and this is a beautiful addition! It’s a “Warm Delicious Brown Mineral Eyeshadow, a Beautiful, warm brown with a touch of aqua sparkles. Color shifts from warmer brown to more obvious green interference when moved back and forth.” Very pretty!

Last but not least is the Black Gold shadow, a Soft Charcoal Mineral Pigment Eyeshadow. “Soft charcoal black with a light sheen, doused with gold shimmer and a touch of multicolored and teal sparkle. Beautiful as a liner when foiled.” Multifaceted, and very unique. Perfect to use for not your everyday smokey eye!

Swatches, Sandcastles, Wonderstruck, Chestnut Mulberry, Kiss of Shadows, Chocolate Marshmallow, and Black Gold

Check out her shop! : LoveHues

What do you guys think!? 😀



    1. I didn’t experience any flaking, but with any loose mineral eyeshadow, I feel they work best with a base! I use Vitamin E oil. They really are gorgeous, very unique colors, and such pretty finishes! 🙂

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