Etsy Shop JessiGeeWhiz Glitter Review!

Hello all!! Coming at you with another Etsy shop review, this one is super exciting because they sell the on thing that I cannot live without, GLITTER!! πŸ˜€ JessiGeeWhiz sells solvent resistant glitter for all you nail frankeners out there, and she was kind enough to send me some samples to try out!

I love her card, such a pretty scene of glitter!:D She’s also doing a promotion for 50% off all her glitter with the coupon code GEEWHIZ50OFF! Ends Cyber Monday night! Definitely check her out! πŸ™‚

These are the three glitter samples she sent, along with a nice note, Rudolph, Emerald Isle, and Fireflies. They came in little plastic sample baggies, but each still had a decent amount to play around with. I decided to test them out and make some polishes!!

Here are the bottles I’m using, I get these in bulk from Nailite, along with the stainless steel mixing balls. You can get 88 of these little glass bottles with the cap and nail brush for only $31.69!! Of course shipping is around $8, but overall I think this is an amazing value, especially if you are serious about making polish!

The most important ingredient for making polish is a good suspension base. I use this one from Brambleberry, it’s just called the Suspending Nail Polish Base. It comes in different sizes, but I usually get the 32oz, it usually suites me just fine!! It’s not completely clear, but once the glitters are in you can’t tell, and it dries clear. Most importantly is suspends glitter and pigments VERY well!

Here’s a before shot of Rudolph and the bottle with some suspending base inside. Here we go!

Tada!! Here’s the finished product. oOoOoOo, so pretty, I love the deep glittery red shades for the holidays. So pretty, the photo doesn’t do it justice!! The glitters are very fine, so you can a really pretty sparkling effect, this would be very pretty all over the nail, or applied on the tips!

Here’s a before shot of Emerald Isle and the bottle with suspending base…

OH MY GOSH, this one is FAB. It is SO glittery, an has multi-dimensional shimmer. It has tiny gold, emerald, and blue glitters all mixed together. SUCH a pretty color, I absolutely love this one!! πŸ™‚

Last but not least is Fireflies, here we go!

This is another GORGEOUS mix, it has tony blue and gold glitters, with small orange squares. It really does look like fireflies in the night!

Here they are all side by side: Rudolph, Emerald Isle, and Fireflies. Overall, I HIGHLY recommend these glitters, they are very good quality, and are gorgeous. She’s also just a very nice girl! πŸ™‚

Swatches: Rudolph, Emerald Isle, and Fireflies

Check out her shop! : JessiGeeWhiz

What do you guys think!? πŸ™‚


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