Etsy Shop Lovelace Boudoir Review!

Hi everyone! I’m here to do another Etsy shop review, this is the lovely shop Lovelace Boudoir! She describes it as “Welcome to the utterly elegant, quirky, world of Lovelace Boudoir where makeup is pigmented and the atmosphere is reminiscent of the gilded boudoirs of the victorian era.” All her shadows are hand pressed and vegan! What a lovely thing!

The packaging is great, love the black and purple color theme, and the boxes. There was some sort of rubbery, metallic stamping detail on the front that tied into the flourishy details on the labels. Later on I find that this texture plays in important role!! 😉

Inside the boxes were these two little compacts! They are SO cute, and I love that they are simple and round. They feel pretty sturdy, and I like that are aren’t too tall for storage purposes.

Inside the compacts were the eyeshadows! The left is Lovelace ‘It’s like velvet— a deep purple velvet couch, perfect for sinking into and pondering your latest experiments.’ and the right is Green Faerie ‘Are you ready to court with danger? Or perhaps you are a natural at that, and need something dark and daring to wear. Green Faerie is sure to please.’ She says that due to the fact that all of these are hand pressed, there may be slight irregularities in the way the pressed powders look, color of the shadow is not affected by this.

The back of the little compacts has the names, the facebook link, and the cruelty free logo. Absolutely love this!! ❤

Here are both of them swatched. They are VERY pigmented, and have a velvety texture. They give off an amazing shimmer and sheen on the skin. Lasting power is also amazing! These swatches have no base!

Lastly, I received a sample of Ada, a matte cream, white color with a hint of shimmer. She describes it as ‘A sweet cream color with flecks of gold, it’s soft and sweet with a little bite from the gold. What a better way to plot world domination than with your eyes full of “riches”!’ Although this is the simplest color, it had to be my favorite. It is perfect for washing all over the lid, and is great to wear everyday and in compliment to the brighter colors.

Swatch: Ada (love it!)

I absolutely love supporting people on Etsy, especially for the holidays!

What do you guys think!? 🙂


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